Yes, You Can Avoid Striking Out on Social Media!

How to Hit a Social Media Home Run

You know the advantages of social media: opening the communication channels with old and new fans, raising brand awareness, improving web traffic, etc…but how do make sure you hit a home run rather than striking out? Whether your organization is new to social media or you have more followers than you can keep track of, keep your eye on the ball and avoid these common mistakes.

Strike 1: Infrequent Posts

Does your organization only post something on social media once every couple of weeks? Are there frequent gaps between new posts on your page? You are not alone. So often nonprofits find themselves with not enough time and resources to maintain a constant presence on their social media sites. BIG MISTAKE! How will you gain new followers if you never say anything? Make it a part of your day to check in on your social media pages, even if it is to just say hi. Your followers will appreciate knowing that you are still around and your chances of gaining new followers will increase.

Strike 2: Mirroring Posts on Both Facebook & Twitter

Sure, we know that each social media channel is different. So why do we insist on treating them the same? Some organizations find it more efficient to link their Facebook and Twitter accounts and post the same stuff in both places, but this is not recommended. Twitter users – by design – are accustomed to seeing many (many) tweets throughout the day. Tweets are meant to be short and sweet, and should convey a sense of “this is happening now.” Facebook posts on the other hand are generally longer. One daily post is usually enough. Each social media site is its own unique community, and you should be crafting your posts accordingly.

Strike 3: Ignoring Comments

Now that you are posting all sorts of interesting things on social media, you can be sure that followers will have things to say in response. When you get a comment or a question – answer it! This conveys your attention on the community and it can go a long way in creating a true shared space. Encourage readers to engage, whether by commenting, liking, sharing, retweeting…the more people you can reach, the better!

Remember to avoid these common errors, and you’ll be on your way to hitting a social media home run.

Want tips to design a social media strategy that works? Check out the presentation we gave to the members of the Boston AFP!

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