Year-End Fundraising Hot Topic: To Set a Goal or Not to Set a Goal…

Year-End Fundraising Hot Topic

Many organizations struggle with the decision of whether or not to post a dollar amount during their fundraising campaign. While it can be stressful and at times quite scary (what if the goal is not met?), announcing a number is helpful in motivating and inspiring your donors to give more.

In her post, “Year-end Fundraising Hot Topic: To Set a Goal or Not to Set a Goal…” Heller Consulting’s Jenn Smith goes over setting goals during a year-end fundraising campaign. Here are some of the points she covers:

  • Creating a “hook” for your fundraising campaign – keeping up with year-end competition with a compelling and urgent campaign
  • Developing a “fundraising number” – setting an attainable, achievable goal that will motivate your donors
  • What to do if you don’t reach your goal – planning, preparing, and handling your approach if you don’t hit your fundraising number

This is just the tip of the iceberg, so make sure to head over to the Heller’s website to read the full article.

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Jenn Smith

About Jenn Smith

As an executive for Donordigital and the Watershed Company, and a Senior Social Strategy Consultant for Adobe, Jenn has helped many organizations. A marketing and fundraising professional with 10+ years experience in lead generation, management and donor acquisition, Jenn’s in-depth strategic planning has developed creative communications and marketing campaigns for mission-driven organizations to help build relationships with clients, community partners, and diverse audiences.

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