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Selecting the right CMS solution for your nonprofit organization - WordPress

WordPress got its start as a blogging platform, and has evolved into a very powerful Content Management System (CMS). In fact, over half of all websites worldwide use WordPress! This platform is flexible enough to be used on almost any type of website, and if there’s a feature you need that isn’t built into WordPress, you can choose from thousands of plug-ins to expand its capabilities.


WordPress is open source and free to anyone. There are thousands of plug-ins available to use, many of which are also free. On the back end, WordPress’s code is very clean, making it easy for search engines like Google to read. There are additional plug-ins that can be installed on your site allowing you to target a specific keyword on each page.


Your WordPress theme contains the overall styles, layout and core functionality in your site. There are dozens of free themes available for use, or pre-created themes can be purchased from thousands of sellers online. Even after purchase and installation, these themes can be updated to fit your nonprofits style. WordPress not only supports responsive websites, but now the administrator side of WordPress is also responsive, which means a site admin can update their website from a mobile phone or tablet.


Page Templates control how content appears on specific pages within the website. Templates make it easier to create content, organize pages and keep your site consistent. Custom post types can be used to manage related content and can be filtered to display content in a variety of ways.


Although WordPress is one of the most user-friendly CMS tools, there are some technical aspects to keep in mind. WordPress runs on PHP and MySQL which means that the content is stored in a database on the host server. Certain files will need to be backed up regularly to ensure your site can be restored if needed.

Bottom Line

WordPress is great for nonprofits that require a CMS which is easy enough to use without requiring a dedicated developer on their staff. WordPress is perfect for a content-heavy organization that wants to give their users a way to easily filter, search, and discover the content that they’re looking for.

For more information on open source platforms like WordPress, see our CMS paper that includes more information on Drupal, Blackbaud’s NetCommunity, PageBuilder, Blackbaud’s Luminate Online CMS (LO CMS) and Site.com.

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  1. A colleague recently shared the following link, discussing WordPress’ applications on the Enterprise level. It’s so widely deployed, because it is such a great platform to use.


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