What It Means to Be a Salesforce MVP

What is Means to Be a Salesforce MVP

This month, I became a Salesforce MVP. I’m extremely honored. And excited.

Here’s why: Salesforce created the MVP program to recognize standouts in the Salesforce community for their leadership, expertise and ongoing contributions. Being selected as an MVP puts me in the company of some amazingly talented people (many of whom I have admired for years!) who are sharing their expertise and lessons learned by answering questions, writing blogs, leading user groups, sharing best practices, and more – all to help each other, and the entire Salesforce community, use one of the most effective and efficient tools available for CRM.

The best part has not been the award, but how much I’ve learned along the way. As I’ve answered questions on the Answers Community, the Nonprofit Salesforce Google Group, or using the #askforce hashtag on Twitter, I’ve learned so much more than I feel I’ve given.  Many times I think I know the answer to a question, but I do a little digging and learn about some nuances to the system I wasn’t aware of previously. That has made me better able to answer questions from my colleagues at Heller Consulting and to provide better service to my clients as well. It’s a lot of fun to help someone solve their problems, and I get tremendous joy from having someone say “I get it now! Thanks so much.”

I’m particularly excited about the opportunities that being an MVP affords me to become even more involved by speaking at Salesforce events, talking with Salesforce Executives, and connecting with my fellow MVPs (and the schwag doesn’t hurt, either!). These opportunities give me more access to knowledge about Salesforce that I look forward to sharing with the nonprofit sector – so that nonprofits can continue to adopt and use Salesforce to help them fulfill their mission.

Do you have any questions about Salesforce or the MVP program? Ask them in the comment section below!


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  1. Azahar Basha

    Hi Mary Pustejovsky,

    I am the beginner in salesforce.com like SUREN, i need some tips to follow up the Administration part, if it is possible to u…….

    Azahar Basha

    • Hi Azahar,
      I am not sure I follow what you are asking for. In terms of tips, I highly recommend The Button Click Admin blog(buttonclickadmin.com), as well as taking advantage of the Salesforce Success Community (success.salesforce.com). I hope you find them helpful as well.


  2. Hi Mary Pustejovsky,

    I am the beginner in salesforce.com development, when i read your above post, its really inspired me.

  3. This is really cool. It’s incredibly motivating. Congratulations to you and thanks for sharing.

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