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You may have done your research and selected a tool or service. You’re ready to transition to the Cloud. But, is your organization ready?

As with any technology project, your organization needs to consider some critical topics involving strategy, tactics, technology and people before getting started. Some of these considerations include:

  • Security and risk:
    • How do you address risk management? Who is ultimately responsible?
    • How do you define critical assets and acceptable levels of risk?
    • What are some proven methods for ensuring data and application security in the cloud?
  • Data migration:
    • What should you do to prepare for a data migration?
    • What are the key steps in a data migration project?
    • How do you plan for system downtime? Is there any way to avoid it?
  • Preparing your organization:
    • How do you establish a clear, achievable implementation plan?
    • What are some of the unspoken beliefs and attitudes that can prevent your project from being successful?
    • What are some techniques for setting expectations and keeping staff informed?

The good news is that you can find answers to these and other questions from people in the sector who have been down this road and have many tips and techniques to share. Heller Consulting has teamed up with NTEN and nonprofits including The Seed Company, Citizen Schools, and JDRF to help you think through the challenges you need to consider as your organization transitions to the Cloud. Join us for this three-part webinar series, To Infinity and Beyond — Transitioning to the Cloud:

September 27 – Session 1: Security and Risk

October 4 – Session 2: Data Migration

October 11 – Session 3: Preparing Your Organization

We look forward to helping you get your organization Cloud-ready!


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