Top Tips and Resources for Salesforce Techies at Nonprofits [Tech Tips]

Top Tips and Resources for Salesforce Techies at Nonprofits

As the leading Cloud-based CRM solution, is a powerful, flexible system for handling your nonprofit’s data and processes. It’s so powerful and flexible, in fact, that the possibilities for its use can seem endless; it can be helpful to have a few places to turn to for advice and answers to your questions.

Here are some of my top resources and tips for all of you techies out there:

Helpful blogs

  • Stack Overflow – Good resource for general tech questions.
  • W3schools – Good source for web-related topics.
  • Developer force – This site by Salesforce is especially good for discussion boards, cookbook, code snippets, and cheat sheets.
  • Force behind the force – Another great Salesforce-specific blog written by the co-leader of the Boston Salesforce user group.
  • Button Click Admin – Helpful tips to accomplish complex functionalities with clicks instead of code in

How to make the best use of online forums/blogs

  • Read people’s reviews/responses. Quite often you will find useful information from people’s discussion.
  • Consider information carefully. Keep in mind that stuff online is not guaranteed 100% accurate and up-to-date.
  • Ask questions or create posts with questions. Folks can be very active and generous in helping out.
  • Make use of examples online. Often there are sample codes for common functionalities, which can be referenced and revised to fit your needs.

Useful tools and extensions for browsers

Do you have resources or tips to add? Share them in the comments section below!


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  1. I also use the Nonprofit Starter Pack Google Group a lot:!forum/nonprofit-starter-pack-users
    Most people probably already know about the NPSP Wiki:

  2. Anita Sakhuja

    Another good resource is’s online community. It’s a good place for searching answers to your questions, read blogs and new features.

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