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Every week, I eagerly await the AppExchange digest to see what new Apps have been released on the AppExchange. I also like browsing the AppExchange to learn how others are solving their problems.

Over time, I have discovered a few Apps that I depend on to make my job easier as a administrator, as well as some that I frequently recommend to nonprofit clients if the functionality is missing from their fundraising managed package. (For more information and in-depth reviews of top fundraising applications built on the platform, download our recent report, The New World of Donor Management Apps for Nonprofits)

After the original posting, roundCorner announced their partnership with and the release of the renamed product NGO Connect. Find out more here.

Here is a list of my top 10 free Apps for nonprofit users:


First, 5 Apps for Administrators…


DemandTools by CRMfusion Inc. 

This is the most powerful App available on the AppExchange for data manipulation. It can mass update, mass insert and mass delete data from through an Excel file. It also allows data manipulation through DemandTools UI using a set of conditions and formulas. The tool comes with ready-to-use pre-built scenarios and also lets you create custom scenarios for deduplication of records on any object. The greatest strength of this tool is the newly released Power Grid, which provides an Excel sheet view of data to do address and phone number standardization and many more updates in real time. Find out more.

User Adoption Dashboard by Salesforce Labs

With 42 reports and 3 dashboards, this App provides ready-to-use metrics to assess user adoption in your organization. These reports and dashboards provide an overview of user activity and show how many new records are created across various objects by different users. You can quickly see the most active users in the org. Find out more.

Mass Update Wizard by Salesforce Labs

This is a handy App that allows you to mass update records from inside of your instance using various filter criteria. This is useful when I want to quickly update data from within Find out more.

Field Trip by Qandor

This App helps admins to analyze data completeness in their instance. It provides the list of fields on any object with number of records on which the field is populated and percentage of total records on which the field is populated. It is useful to check data completeness on key fields as well as delete unused fields from the configuration. You can now easily review the number and percentage of records that have email address or phone number or address not populated. Find out more.

Draggin’ Role by Qandor

This is another great App by Qandor that provides a customizable, collapsible, tree view of all users by role hierarchy. This App is helpful for moving users across roles via a simple drag and drop. It provides a nice simplified tree diagram view of role hierarchy in the organization that can be customized as needed. Find out more.


Next, 5 Apps for nonprofits business users…


Donation Split by Cloud for Good

Cloud for Good solved the big problem of splitting gifts for nonprofits with this App. This is useful for splitting restricted gifts so that you can still acknowledge for the full amount. The App adds a section on the donation record that shows how the donation is split between different programs. I like that the App provides nice charts that display funds raised for each program. Find out more.

Auctions for Salesforce by Groundwire

Auctions for Salesforce helps staff to manage auction ticket purchases, auction item donations, auction purchases and receipts. It’s a comprehensive App that covers all aspects of an auction, sometimes more than what you might need. It works well with the Nonprofit Starter Pack (NPSP) and fundraising packages based on the NPSP. Find out more.

Volunteers for Salesforce by Groundwire

This is one of the best Apps for managing your volunteers in You can create volunteer jobs with multiple job shifts, and assign and view different volunteers that are working at various times on jobs and related shifts. This App also comes with a cool volunteer shift calendar and dashboard that displays top volunteers in your organization. Another great thing about the App is the volunteer registration pages that can go on your website and allow volunteers to sign up for jobs, events or shifts. Find out more.

Credit Card & ACH Payment Processing for Nonprofits by Brickwork

If you are looking for a payment processing App, this is it. This App processes both one-time and recurring credit card or ACH transactions from within Salesforce. The App provides a donation form code that sits on your website and brings all the payment information into without creating duplicate records. This is one of the top rated Apps for nonprofits on the AppExchange. Find out more.

Eventbrite Sync by Groundwire

One more App built by Groundwire to sync RSVPs and ticket information of events to Salesforce from your Eventbrite account. You will need a free Eventbrite account to use this App. This App imports information about events, registrants and attendees into and prevents duplicates. It provides flexibility in importing attendees as leads or contacts or to a campaign as campaign members. Any event payments are created as opportunity records. Find out more.


NOTE: It is always good to install any App in a sandbox environment first to ensure it works well with your system’s existing configuration before installing it in production.

So, now that you know my top 10 list of free Apps, what are some of your favorites? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  1. Have you come across any good apps for conducting calling campaigns? For example, we use campaigns to track who we are calling for donations and partnerships. We want to be able to basically take a campaign and have our reps call down the campaign member list. Have you seen anything like that?


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