Tips for Freshening Up Your Website

Tips for Freshening up Your Nonprofit Organization's Website

New Year, New You! That seems to be the mantra going around right now, doesn’t it? Why not take the time to evaluate your website to make sure you are putting your organization’s best foot forward, because when it comes to your website, first impressions really do count! You have to entice your visitors to respond to your call to actions and keep coming back for more. You also have to grab their attention, but then be sure to follow through with some fresh content. And while it may be a little early for an official spring cleaning, why not take advantage of the new year to freshen up your website. The tips below are courtesy of Lori Halley of Wild Apricot and were originally posted on

Is your website making a good first impression?

Take a look at your website with fresh eyes. What are visitors seeing in their first “one-twentieth of a second”? Does your nonprofit website instill trust in those making donations? Does it demonstrate from the “get-go” that it is “the” destination for information in your field? If you’re serving up old, stale news, outdated information and images, you won’t grab your visitor’s attention or build trust.

Is it time to freshen things up a little?

The New Year is a great time to revive your website. So if you’re ready to roll your sleeves up, shake off the welcome mat and clear out the cobwebs, you can renew your website’s luster.

Here are some of the tasks that you should consider in order to spruce up and refresh your website:

  • Clear out and tidy up Take some time to review your website. Is your ‘About’ page up to date with your current number of employees, mailing address, phone number and email address? What about your newsletter archive, is your latest version available? Be sure to clear out any dead links or content that is no longer relevant.
  • Tune-up website working parts Don’t forget to test all forms on your site! Take a look at your donation form, membership application, contact us form etc. You’ll want to be sure that the information goes into the correct areas on the backend, and don’t forget about the experience from the user perspective. Great time to hone all of your messaging as well.
  • Conduct a content clean-up Take a look at pages that haven’t been updated recently, is that content still relevant? Might be time to remove, or update these pages.
  • Add some fresh content While you’re at it, this is a great time to update (or create!) your content calendar. Create a strategy for the content you will be producing this year and be sure to include any other communications channels such as your email newsletter and social media sites. Don’t forget to add some new photos!
  • Shine up your call to action Once you get the visitor’s attention, is your call to action clear? Are your “Join now” or “Donate” buttons easy to find? Evaluate each page to be sure your call to action is clear.

These are just a few tips on quick and easy things you can be doing to update your organization’s website. For more ideas, take a look at Lori’s full post over at


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  1. Great post for starting the new year off right! Especially, love the advice to comb content in search of out-dated information. It’s tedious, but absolutely worth it!

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