Timely Selection and Strategic Guard Rails in Change Management

Timeline Selection and Strategic Guard Rails in Change Management

Congratulations! Your change management campaign is well underway. You’re in the process of executing your communication plan, your team is motivated, and you are not slacking on reporting. Now it is time to set time lines and set strategic guard rails.

Timely Selection Works Best

CRM projects inevitably contain multiple technology components. The nonprofit technology market is changing rapidly. Some products are released while still in development, and frequent upgrades and new releases are common. The benefit of all this is that options are increasing, both in number and quality. Simultaneously, it means that making specific technology decisions too far in advance can become a liability.
When it comes to the portions of your CRM roadmap that incorporate technology, do your planning to know what you need to replace or what is needed to fill in a gap but don’t name the selected product until the time is right. That way, stakeholders know that their needs will be met down the road, and it’s clear that their system is going to get replaced (even if it won’t be right away).

Strategic Guard Rails

As a firm with deep technology and system implementation roots, we want to call out a particular lesson here: Part of the selection criteria are expectations around exchanging data or integrating with other pieces. We call this approach “Strategic Guard Rails.”
For us “Strategic Guard Rails” means “establishing parameters that will enable integration, prevent data model drift, and ultimately enable a CRM strategy.”3 Essentially, the guard rails provide the basic structure, or rules, that every component of your multilayered CRM environment must abide by in order to work well within the whole system.
For example, if your organization has decided on a platform on which to build your CRM system (such as Salesforce.com), then one “guard rail” might be that any non-Salesforce application you need must integrate with Salesforce in order to be considered as a solution.

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