The Power of Us Hub by the Salesforce Foundation

The Power of Us Hub

Just last week, the Salesforce Foundation released an awesome new feature for all members of the Foundation: The Power of Us Hub. Up until now, all information about the Foundation has been distributed across many different websites and groups, making it hard for new users to find information on how to use Salesforce. After some research, the Salesforce Foundation realized that most customers wanted a single location to go to for resources.

The Foundation describes the Hub as “a robust online community where members can share ideas, get support, and collaborate.”

Why join the hub?

  • Place to Connect with Peers
  • Get Answers to Questions
  • Share Best Practices
  • Collaborate on Solutions

So how do you join?

If you are a nonprofit customer using Salesforce, simply go to and log in with your existing Salesforce information – no need to create a new account!


After joining, be sure to start to follow some people and groups. There are already 60 groups and counting on everything from analytics, to Dreamforce, to general information about the Hub and even the app exchange. Once you join the groups, all information being shared will show up in the Chatter tab.


Are you new to Salesforce and have a bunch of questions? Or are you a Salesforce expert that wants to share your knowledge? There is a section in The Power of Us Hub just for Q&A! After you ask a question and people provide the answers, you are able to mark the best answer for everyone to see.

Additional Features

The Power of Us Hub is still new and being seeded with information, but last week they gave a sneak peek at some more features they are adding, which will make the Hub even more powerful for their Foundation users. One such feature is called a Playbook, which are a series of knowledge articles that are perfect for anyone just getting started. For more information, and a look at these new features watch the Salesforce Foundation’s webinar here:

Have you joined the Power of Us Hub? What are your favorite groups?

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  1. Nicole Aebi-Moyo

    I’m not an NFP user of salesforce (have been in the past and have done a lot of implementations for NFPs) so don’t currently have a login. But would love to contribute to the conversation. Any way I can do this?

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