The Power of One for Your Nonprofit

The Power of One for Your Nonprofit

Note: this is a summary of a blog post that originally appeared on the Avectra blog.

Many of today’s nonprofit organizations continue to acknowledge growing financial pressures due to increased competition for funds and other constraints. Having organizational data spread among multiple systems only compounds these challenges. Access to complete and up-to-date donor information is a “must have” when it comes to improving your staff’s ability to build personal relationships with donors and potential donors, positively impact donor retention and increase the amount of funds raised.

To achieve these goals, many nonprofits are beginning to recognize “The Power of One” – the ability to capture, track and analyze donor, volunteer, grant, event, partner, and social media influencer data in one central database — often called Constituent Relationship Management systems (CRMs, or donor management databases).

In a September 2010 survey, “survey respondents’ most frequent technological need was for integrated data/software systems…” The CRM exists in the background, seamlessly allowing your nonprofit staff to advance relationships and goals.

None of the desired efficiencies and strategic benefits of a CRM system are attainable without a commitment to consolidate your organization’s data in one place. Does your organization have a strategy to achieve this commitment?

Read the full blog post for the five benefits of having one integrated donor database, and achieve “The Power of One” today.


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