Set Expectations for Change Management

change management expectations
We’ve covered the most important piece of change management, the people, but today we are going to dive a bit deeper into how you get those people on board and manage their expectations around the change.


The implementation of your CRM vision is an opportunity to define the experience you want to provide to both your constituents and your fellow staff. In the early stages of planning, all of the stakeholders’ primary objectives and concerns should be heard, considered and addressed. Entering your project with a clear definition of what you need from your Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) system in order to deliver the desired experiences will go a long way toward making the project a success. This internal examination proves far more valuable than checking off lists of features or “bells and whistles” of competing software products.

Business Process

It is also important to think openly about potential business process adjustments that would increase efficiency within the design of the newly adopted system(s). The more open to this people can be, the more successful you will be in your project. In other words, clearly define your desired end results, and be as open-minded as you can about HOW your business processes will be accomplished.

Focus on Top 3 Priorities

It’s a good idea to set expectations by narrowing your focus down to your “Top 3” priorities. Realistically, the new system(s) and engagement approaches will have some limitations, so focus on the top priorities and know that there will be some compromises on others.


In early stages, some stakeholders may feel they are too busy to participate in requirements gathering. It’s important that project sponsors push for their involvement from the very beginning as input provided too late in the process likely won’t be considered.

This initiative will require many decisions from many people that will fundamentally change how your organization operates so leadership should not shy away from this aspect of the project. Set the expectation early that there are times when decisions will have to be made – without the luxury of full consensus – in order to keep moving forward.

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