Salesforce1 for Nonprofits

Salesforce1 for Nonprofits

Ever since the Salesforce1 for Nonprofits announcement from the Salesforce Foundation at the Innovation+Social Good even in DC last week, we’ve been getting questions from friends, clients, and nonprofit organizations about what Salesforce1 is and how it can help nonprofits.

The goal of bringing Salesforce1 to nonprofits is simple: to help organizations become more connected by unifying interactions between members, volunteers, constituents and supporters.

In addition to unifying interactions for organizations, there are four main areas that the Salesforce Foundation has highlighted that Salesforce1 for Nonprofits will be assisting nonprofits with increasing.

Raise More Resources

Salesforce gave you a 360 view of your constituents, allowing you to cultivate a deeper, lasting relationship with your donors, volunteers and supporters. With Salesfoce1 for Nonprofits you can continue to grow your relationships. Some features in Salesforce1 to help your organization raise more resources include:

  • Fundraise – Standardize donations, analyze your pipeline, process gifts with built-in validation and audit batches. Ensure your annual campaign is a success by integrating donation landing pages, email campaigns and more.
  • Donor Management – All of your constituents history in one place. Analyze their activity on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter to build stronger relationships beyond a ‘like’.
  • Grants Management – Streamline prospecting, management and reporting on your grants.
  • Volunteer Management – Not only can you recruit, track and manage your volunteers from Salesforce1 but you can track volunteer skills, schedule shifts and manage events as well.
  • Events Management – Manage event calendars, track your RSVP’s, create seating charts and provide reports to your team in real time.

Communicate More Effectively

Every nonprofit organization strives to deliver the right message to each constituent at the right time. We now live in a time where we are all connected to each other, on multiple platforms, all the time. With Salesforce1 for Nonprofits you can now amplify your marketing message to your constituents with limited resources and on the go.

  • Email Marketing – Get the most out of your communications by building dynamic emails quickly and increase effectiveness by testing copy and scheduling when they are delivered.
  • Social Media Engagement – Identify influencers and participate in conversations allowing you to create a deeper relationship with your constituents.
  • Mobile Marketing – Create SMS or push campaign on the road allowing you to connect with constituents at specific events.
  • Lifecycle Automation – Analyze the lifecycle of your prospects to increase engagement and higher donation rates.

Engage and Strengthen Your Community

Salesforce1 for Nonprofits makes it easier than ever to collaborate between your staff, members and volunteers working to support your organization’s mission.

  • Social Intranets – Use Chatter to ask questions, brainstorm new ideas and collaborate with your team.
  • Member Communities – Deepen your engagement with members and supporters through private, branded communities.
  • Partner Communities – Connect your board members with volunteers or donors in private groups to increase collaboration and feedback.

Deliver Better Programs and Services

The old adage Time is Money has never been more true for organizations than it is today. With Saleforce1 for Nonprofits you and your team can spend less time with paperwork and more time engaging and strengthening relationships with your constituents.

  • Case Management – A streamlined and simp lied case management system allows you to track services form intake to closure and more.
  • Call Centers and Client Service – With multi-channel support and social collaboration your team can provide great service to all of your constituents and donors with ease.
  • Program Management – Monitor and manage your programs from a single location as you can organize and schedule resources, assign tasks and track history easily with this system.
  • Apps to Fit your Mission – With over 1,700 partner applications available in the Salesforce AppExchange you can configure Salesforce1 to your needs.
  • Portfolio of Grants Management – Manage philanthropic giving, scholarship programs and other application-based processes with customizable budgets, reports and training.

Want more information about Salesforce1 for Nonprofits? Keith Heller recently interviewed Nick Ward of roundCorner to talk about Salesforce1. Read their interview here and make sure to check out the Salesforce1 for Nonprofits video below:

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