Salesforce1 Community Cloud Announcement

Salesforce1 Community Cloud Announcement

You may have heard the announcement from Salesforce that the Communities product is being re-branded as the Salesforce1 Community Cloud. Many organizations are finding the benefit of online communities and being able to connect core business processes with online engagement, but what does this change mean for you as a nonprofit?

Salesforce1 Community Cloud Updates

Search Engine Visibility for Public Content

With the name re-branding, the press release highlights some of the new features now available in the Summer ’14 release that are very exciting for anyone using the Community Cloud. Some particular enhancements in Summer ’14 were around allowing certain pages to be optimized for search engine visibility if you make those pages public. It also allows community managers to make pages public for people to access key content (such as Knowledgebase articles).

Mobile Access

One exciting update for users is the ability to access the Community from a mobile device. If you’ve ever used the Power of US HUB, you’ll be able to access it directly from your phone or tablet using the Salesforce 1 mobile app. Previously you had to use the browser on your phone to access a community, and the experience was not optimized for mobile. It is now!

Community Engagement Reports

If you haven’t checked it out already, there are also new Community Engagement reports and dashboards available for free on the AppExchange. These will help you gain more insight into the health of your community, and serve as an excellent starting point for building analytics specific to your community.

Customizable Community Templates

Also available in Summer ’14 release are some templates that allow you to create a more customized Community. These are currently only available through a pilot program, but are scheduled to be released for anyone to use in October.

Reputation Rankings

Finally, there are some improvements to allow reputation ratings and endorsements for community members. Imagine a Community where you have volunteers who can be recognized for their achievements or can receive ratings for being knowledgeable on specific topics. It’s similar to endorsements found in LinkedIn, but specifically tailored to your Community!

Salesforce 1 Community Cloud is an exciting step that underscores the investment Salesforce is making in this area. It’s exciting to see what they release next and how much it will improve in the next year.

Are you using the Salesforce1 Community Cloud? What do you think of the name change and updates?

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