What are Salesforce User Groups?

Salesforce User Groups
Salesforce is a robust Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) solution, that has many pieces to customize and tailor to each organization. Because of the complexities of Salesforce, along with their yearly updates, there is a lot to keep up with! Luckily the Salesforce community is a large one with many members eager to help others which provide quite a few options for new (or seasoned) users of Salesforce that need just a little more help.

Salesforce User Groups

A User Group is a network of other Salesforce Community members that come together to share ideas, best practices, successes and collaborate on their use of Salesforce.

There are currently over 176 User Groups across the world, 40 of which are dedicated to the nonprofit sector, with more groups being started all the time. If you don’t see a User Group in your city, you can become the group leader by watching an onboarding video, and by reading through the Guidelines and Expectations that Salesforce created for their User Group Leaders.

To join a local User Groups, you will have to log in to your Salesforce account and ask permission to join these private communities. You’ll then be able to post, ask a question and connect with other Salesforce users in your area.

Salesforce MVP’s, like Heller Consulting’s Mary Pustejovsky, often attend or present at these User Groups in their areas, giving users the chance to ask specific questions to the experts.

Coming up on August 15th, Mary will be presenting at the Austin Nonprofit User Group on NPSP 3 and Summer ’14 Release Highlights. Register here if you are in the area and able to attend.

Can’t make that presentation? Here are Mary’s highlights of the Summer ’14 release:

On August 21st, Mary will be hosting a roundtable discussion at the San Antonio User Group around How to be an MVP at Your Organization. Register today to attend!

Salesforce User Groups on LinkedIn

In addition to the online User Group Communities, and in person meetups, there are many private groups on LinkedIn dedicated to these Salesforce User Groups, like this one specific to the Denver market. Some are even more specific than just Salesforce, and are geared for developers or marketers. Take advantage of your networks and reach out when you need help.

Salesforce Foundation Office Hours

Salesforce Foundation also offers their users weekly office hours where new (or old) Salesforce users can get their questions answered by experts. Mary Pustejovsky will be holding office hours this Friday, August 8th. Get more details on upcoming office hours here.

Need help soon? You’re in luck as office hours are held each Friday and Mary will be hosting on August 8th from 9:00 am PT – 10 am PT. Find out more details here, and don’t forget to mark your calendar!

Have you attended these User Group meetups in your area? What about the Foundation office hours? Tell us about your experience in the comments!

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  1. Here’s a great post about what a Salesforce User Group is like. Stop in and check one out sometime. Hopefully we can meet there!

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