Salesforce Tech Tips Roundup

Salesforce Tech Tips

Over the last year, we’ve published many posts designed to help you get the most out of your nonprofit organization’s Salesforce instance. These Salesforce tech tips cover everything from the basics, to selecting which data structure is right for your organization, to outlining the functions of different nonprofit applications and much more. Below we’ve also included some general constituent relationship management (CRM) system tips that aren’t specific to Salesforce, but are useful, nonetheless.

Basics of Salesforce:

How to Choose a Salesforce Consultant
Benefits for Nonprofits Using the Salesforce Platform
8 Tasks for Training New Salesforce Users
The Basics of for Nonprofits
The Basics of Reporting
How to Manage Your Salesforce Reports
How to Install the Nonprofit Starter Pack in a Sales Cloud Org

Selecting the Correct Data Structure:

How to Select the Correct Data Structure in Salesforce For Your Nonprofit – Person Account
How to Select the Correct Data Structure in Salesforce for your Nonprofit – Account to Contact
How to Select the Correct Data Structure in Salesforce for your Nonprofit – Individual Account (NPSP)

Salesforce Applications:

What is a Salesforce App?
Top 10 Free Apps for Nonprofits
Quick Review of the Nonprofit Starter Pack (NPSP)
Quick Review of roundCause for Salesforce
Quick Review of Affinaquest for Salesforce
Quick Review of Luminate CRM for Salesforce
Quick Review of Causeview for Salesforce

Scaling Salesforce As You Grow:

Scaling Salesforce as You Grow – Part 1
Scaling Salesforce as You Grow – Part 2
Scaling Salesforce as You Grow – Part 3
Scaling Salesforce as You Grow – Part 4

Additional Salesforce Tips:

Top Tips and Resources for Salesforce Techies at Nonprofits
A Few of My Favorite Things About Salesforce’s Nonprofit Starter Pack
Use to Support Your Nonprofits Metrics Needs
Nonprofit Use Cases for Chatter
Implementing Salesforce for Outlook
Using the Right Tools for the Right Jobs with
Waterfall vs Agile Project Management for Salesforce Implementations
Bridging Your Data: Four Ways to Make Databases Communicate

General CRM Tips:

7 Keys to Streamlining Your Fundraising System for End of Year Success
Top Qualities in a Great CRM Administrator
The Cost of Out of Date Donor Information
Transitioning Your Nonprofit to the Cloud
Interconnected Constituent Engagement – Is the CRM Pain Worth the Gain?
Does a Checkbox Give You Accurate Data?

What other Salesforce categories should we cover in 2014? Do you have tech tips to add? Let us know in the comments!


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