Salesforce Spring ’14 Release Notes

Salesforce Spring '14 Release Notes

There have been lots of Salesforce Spring ’14 Release Notes posts out there in blog land, but I wanted to give my perspective on what I thought were the features which would have the most impact for nonprofit organizations. Of course, at 330 pages, I am bound to miss one of your favorite features, but these are the ones which jumped out at me during my review. Some are big, some are small, but I think all are great improvements to the platform. For a full review of what’s coming in the Spring ’14 release, be sure to check out the live event on February 12th, hosted by

Spring ’14 Release Note Features I’m Looking Forward To Using:

Flexible Sorting in Reports

Let’s just go for my favorite one right here. One of the big challenges I have experienced in the past is having clients want to do a summary on their report, and then sort by that summary value. For example, you are running a summary report of all your campaigns for the year. Once you have the total for each campaign, you’d like the system to sort by that value so you can see the top value campaigns at the top. Previously you were not able to do that but you’ll be able to with Spring ’14. Other use cases I imagine are summaries you might have of donor giving, and then wanting to sort by your top value donors, or volunteers who have been most active, etc. There are lots of possibilities here.

Skills Pilot

So this is not yet Generally Available (GA) but a new feature called Skills will be available in Pilot. I think this will be incredibly useful for nonprofits, especially large or geographically dispersed ones where you may not know everyone at the organization. Skills allows you to track particular skills a user has. This can be extremely useful for organizations running call centers where they may want to know who to ask for help with a tricky question, or even just an organization where you might not realize that the person across the country who works at your organization is an expert on a particular area in which you need help.

Salesforce1 Improvements

Salesforce1 was announced at Dreamforce 2013 and I love it! This release brings some nice improvements—nothing major but nice little features nonetheless. For example, if you have Communities at your Organization, you can now switch between your regular organization and the Community using the Salesforce1 App. You’ll also be able to post photos in the feed directly from your mobile device. Let’s say you are at an off-site event with lots of volunteers—snap a picture and upload to the feed right there. Also in this release is the ability to see Social Media in Salesforce1. This means that if you have Social Accounts and Contacts enabled, and you’ve previously identified someone’s Twitter handle, you can quickly see Tweets from that person, directly from the record in Salesforce1. And finally, don’t miss the release notes section on Salesforce1. Within the release notes there is a very nice summary of ALL the differences between Salesforce1 and the regular site.

Salesforce Files Pilot

Here’s another feature that is in pilot which I wish was here today! I saw the demo at Dreamforce and immediately saw the potential. Salesforce Files allows you to keep your files in sync across multiple computers and within Salesforce directly. If you are using a file storage service like Box, Google Drive, Dropbox, or many others, Salesforce Files will integrate with those (in a future release). I think this will have a big impact on user adoption as people don’t need to keep logging into two systems or flipping back and forth to find the files they need. One more nugget about files—I noticed that the file storage per paid user license is increased in Spring ’14. Note this is FILE storage, not DATA storage, so please read up on this.

Grab bag

Finally, here are a few other features which struck me as useful that you should definitely read more about:

  • Announcements in Chatter Groups (great way to make messages sticky)
  • Private Messaging in Communities
  • Create Cases from the Side Panel in Salesforce for Outlook
  • Administrators can now track what version of Salesforce for Outlook all your users have installed
  • Drag/drop attachments into the Case Feed when sending emails
  • Territory management can now be disabled if necessary
  • Repeating Tasks option
  • Mass Assign Permission Sets (very useful for large organizations)
  • Partial Data Sandboxes available (also useful for large organizations)

Don’t miss the live Spring ’14 Release Notes event February 12th! You can read all about the schedule here.

What are you looking forward to with this updates?

Mary Pustejovsky

About Mary Pustejovsky

A 2013 Salesforce MVP, Mary joined Heller Consulting in 2006 and has been helping nonprofits be more effective with their data ever since. At Heller, Mary has worked with clients of all sizes and types, from small schools and hospital foundations to large international relief organizations. She has a passion for nonprofits that drives all of the work that she does with clients. She strives to truly understand the business needs of an organization and help clients to find the solution that is best for them. Mary consults on The Raiser’s Edge as well as and various Apps in its ecosystem, and enjoys helping clients be more successful with the software they have, or determining what will help them to meet their needs in the future. She is a Certified Advanced Administrator and Certified Developer, as well as a Luminate CSP Consultant and Technical Specialist.


  1. Susan Kenna Wright

    I love the file storage increase!

  2. Did you miss the webcast on 2/12? You’re in luck as Salesforce still has it up for your viewing pleasure:

  3. Important to remember is that your Org really needs a “Mary” to absorb the regular release info and make sure that you are applying the effects of upcoming changes and enhancements to your environment – it can be daunting, but posts like this from our Mary really help to get a jump on the review, or focus on some of the prominent portions!

  4. Bryan Giese

    This is one of the things that I enjoy about a cloud-based platform- being able to iterate and roll out new features more frequently. I like the added functionality of these tools. It’s not my phone apps that roll out a new update every week that make absolutely no difference to the experience.

  5. This is incredibly helpful; I can already think of a few use cases for some of the features you mentioned. Now I’m definitely excited to dive into the 330-pager and find out more!

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