Salesforce Learning Resources

Salesforce Learning Resources

With the growth of Cloud Computing and the Salesforce Platform, many people are looking to learn how to work within this space and increase their skill level. While some of the terminology may seem foreign, the Salesforce community has developed a wealth of resources for you to use, whether you want to learn new concepts or deepen your existing understanding of the platform.

Below is a list of general Salesforce topics that can answer some initial questions about the platform and how it works.

  1. Introduction about Cloud Computing
  2. Salesforce (Cloud computing Training) Material
  3. Model View Controller (MVC)
  4. Using VLOOKUP to enforce data consistency
  5. Salesforce Chatter
  6. Working with Chatter Group
  7. Visualforce page to add multiple records
  8. How to provide Object Permissions
  9. Field Level Security in Salesforce
  10. ViewState in Salesforce
  11. RenderAs – Rendering visualforce page as a PDF
  12. How to install IDE
  13. How to use IDE
  14. Standard Controllers in Salesforce
  15. Standard List Controllers
  16. In addition to these links, Salesforce provides an excellent training resource called Trailhead. This comprehensive program allows you to choose your own learning path towards develop stronger skills, understanding new concepts, and test your existing knowledge all at your own pace.

    Do you have any resources that you have found helpful for learning and working with Salesforce? Add them in the comments below.

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  1. The above provided resources are very useful to explore salesforce. One can gain knowledge from fundamentals through Salesforce Online Training

  2. Salesforce also has a bunch of how-to videos available that can be really helpful.

  3. For those who already have a Salesforce login, the Power of Us HUB is an amazing resource with a community of knowledgeable active users. You can find a group focused on almost any specific topic, as well as general groups like this one:

    Getting Started with Salesforce

    Well worth the search time as the site is full of tips, solutions, and resources.

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