Salesforce Basics for the Accidental Admin Webinar

Accidental Admin Salesforce Webinar by Idealist Consulting

This time of year is all about dreaming big for the year ahead. At Idealist Consulting, a common thread in our 2014 goals is to both teach and learn more. Lofty goals indeed, but it just so happens that they fit in beautifully with a very concrete training: we’ll be offering our popular webinar, “Salesforce Basics for the Accidental Admin” every quarter in 2014, with the first course coming up January 22-23. Register now to learn how you can apply the native functionality of the Nonprofit Starter Pack to better leverage Salesforce at your organization.

We all know that an educated client is a better client – it’s why any consulting firm worth their salt will spend a great deal of time asking questions and making sure you’re comfortable with your shiny new technical solution. A lot of these conversations have to be customized to your organization and your business processes.

Over the years, however, we’ve also noticed that most nonprofits have a couple “Accidental Admins” – those brave souls who work in Salesforce on a daily basis and have been soldiering through but never really got basic training on how it all fits together. This course is focused on native functionality of the Nonprofit Starter Pack and there’s no better place to get your footing.

Top reasons to attend:

You are relatively new to the Nonprofit Starter Pack

We’ll cover best practices and tips for architecture, navigation, list views, how to enter contacts/accounts, campaign management, reports, or dashboards

You have a hunch Salesforce could do much more for your org

In the words of a previous participant, “This training help clarify how to better use Salesforce and unleash its capabilities for managing our operations.” Before you can take advantage of more advanced integrations, you need basic understanding and this training will give you that.

You are an inquisitive type but Googling has only gotten you so far

We’ll point you to online help resources, but also will give you the sort of big-picture view that you can only get through a live, experienced trainer.

You can expand your impact with a train the trainer model

We recommend you send just one or two people from your organization to this webinar, then we’ll give you the recording and other resources so you can bring this back to the rest of your organization. You can go back and refer to it as many times as you want.

Oh, and about the other part of our 2014 goals, to learn more? We believe we are all better when we listen to each other, with an open mind for learning new things. That’s why we took the feedback from the 75+ attendees of last year’s webinar and are making tweaks to make this one even better. We are also dedicating time at the end of each training to Q&A and are eager to learn from your experience with the Nonprofit Starter Pack as well.

Register for the webinar now!

Register for Idealist Consulting’s Accidental Admin for Salesforce webinar today!

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Kirsten joined Idealist Consulting after 8 years of intercultural communications experience in both the nonprofit and private sectors. She enjoys helping organizations advance their missions through tech solutions and her specialties include training, content marketing, and event management. A lifelong Northwesterner based in Portland, Kirsten enjoys exploring the nearby mountains and local food scene in her spare time.

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  1. I live in Vietnam and usually cannot attend webinars such as this one. Is there a way that I can view it after the seminar is scheduled?

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