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Salesforce ask the experts at #14NTC

If you could ask a magical Salesforce Expert genie a few questions about apps, tools, or techniques, what would you ask? Would you ask what are the best apps for email marketing? What are the best techniques for segmenting a database? How do I train new users on Salesforce? Maybe even what’s the best way for my organization to get started? Is the Nonprofit Starter Pack the best choice for me?

These are all great questions that a lot of consultants will charge you a lot of money to answer.

How about this: Heller Consulting and The Connected Cause will be hosting a Salesforce Salon again this year on March 14 at NTEN’s Nonprofit Technology Conference (NTC) in Washington, D.C. We’ll be bringing together Salesforce experts and new recruits to share what they have learned or would like to learn in an active peer-sharing session. We’ll be there ready to talk to everyone about what they know, want to know, and are ready to share in the Salesforce ecosystem. This is not a typical presentation, but an informal peer-sharing session where you can discuss commonalities, challenges, and best practices with other nonprofit Salesforce users. It’s a great place to ask questions, make connections, and learn from all the other people who have on-the-ground experience with Salesforce and the way it connects with the people and systems that connect to it.

No experience with Salesforce? That’s great! Come on in and get your first taste of what it can do. If you’re a long-time expert, stop by and share some of the things that you’ve learned over the years. Follow this link to get more details and reserve your spot in this always crowded session.

What do YOU want to know?

To make the most of this salon we’ve created a short survey called “What Do You Want to Know About Salesforce.” From the suggestions we get, we’ll be able to establish the right starting points so everyone gets what they want. Even if you are not going to NTC, we’ll be sharing content from the salon afterwards, so you can benefit whether you’re in the room or not.

It only takes a few minutes: What’s important to you?



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