Salesforce Announces Salesforce1 for Nonprofits

Innovationforce_SocialGood_Salesforce made some exciting announcements this week about Salesforce1 for Nonprofits, a new collaboration plan with Microsoft, and the’s 1-1-1 model, and how the Salesforce Foundation is working hard to serve the needs of nonprofit organizations everywhere. Thursday’s Innovation +SocialGood event was packed with great information on how to build social, mobile and cloud strategies, and major organizations like the United Nations Foundation, American Red Cross, Sierra Club, and the Grameen Foundation were on hand to show real world examples of how Salesforce tools strengthen the fundraising, communication, community engagement, and mission management efforts of their organizations.

Keith Heller of Heller Consulting was able to speak with Nick Ward, founding partner and chairman of roundCorner, and summarize some of the day’s topics, and explain why today’s announcements are especially important to nonprofit organizations. Some highlights:

  • is fully committed to supporting the nonprofit community with best in class technology
  • Constituent engagement is changing in the nonprofit world in dramatic ways
  • To react, many nonprofits will need to reconsider they way their organizations interact with their constituents
  • has decided to take a leadership role in providing solutions to the nonprofit community
  • Organizations will no longer be able to think of individual transactions with constituents, they will need to plan and structure long term relationships
  • Nonprofits that don’t pay attention to current advances in technology and strategy run a very real risk of being left behind in the evolving competitive environment
  • Because of personalized engagements from companies like Amazon and Netflix constituents expect much more personalization than ever before

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