Is roundCause Right for My Organization?

Is roundCause Right for My Organization?

Since we announced our partnership with roundCorner last week, we’ve had a few clients and friends ask us for more information about roundCorner and their product roundCause. Generally we direct them to roundCause’s YouTube page as they have many informative videos there, but we understand that many people (myself included) prefer to have a written description instead of a video.

After the original posting, roundCorner announced their partnership with and the release of the renamed product NGO Connect. Find out more here.

What is roundCause?

So what exactly is roundCause? It’s a cloud based, constituent relationship management (CRM) system built specifically for nonprofit organizations on the Salesforce platform. This solution is scalable enough to meet the needs of most nonprofit organizations, without compromising the relationship management features that organizations need to build a lifetime relationship with their constituents. A CRM isn’t all that roundCorner offers, though, as roundCause has many additional features for all types of organizations that we’ve outlined below.

    Constituent Relation Management – roundCause provides robust tools to leverage the power of the underlying Salesforce platform. roundCause translates this toolset in a way that is meaningful to the nonprofit sector.
    Gift Management – roundCause checks the critical boxes around soliciting, processing, and acknowledging gifts, including managing premiums and inventory related to giving programs.
    Social – View your constituents Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn profiles directly in your constituent records allowing you to communicate directly with them from within the roundCause CRM, helping your organization establishing a deeper relationship with your supporters.
    Mobile – You and your team can stay connected by using roundCause from any mobile device, allowing you to view reports and analytics and more, on the go.
    Board Engagement – Easily connect and engage your board members in your mission with these tools.
    Corporate & Foundation Giving – The roundCorner CRM allows you to keep track of many types of key relationships, allowing you to continue to focus on your fundraising strategy and efforts.
    Reports & Analytics – There are over 250 editable reports and dozens of customizable dashboards giving you real-time insight into how your organization is performing. Reports include campaign planning, revenue, planned giving, moves management, foundation reporting and many more.
    Event Management – The features available for event management are perfect for all types of nonprofit organizations. You can create templates for specific event types like seminar or galas, manage speakers and sessions for conferences, create registration forms complete with payment processing and allow your attendees and supporters to easily share information on Facebook, Twitter and Chatter.
    Online Donations – With the Winter Release of roundCause, you can now build donation forms or landing pages for your organization and process payments directly into your CRM allowing you to capture your supporters in real-time.

That’s only the tip of the iceberg.

While this is an extensive list of roundCauses’ features, their YouTube page has dedicated videos to many of the features above and dives even deeper into how your organization can continue to grow with their help.

What organization profile may benefit the most from roundCause?

We are reluctant to make blanket recommendations without discussing your organization’s requirements first. With that being said, we do find that certain profiles or organization are more likely to fully leverage the roundCorner solution. They include organization with the following characteristics:

Direct Response or Segmentation Needs

If your organization manages larger direct mail or individual donor-driven campaigns, roundCause may be a solution fit. For organizations with very large and complex segmentation needs, roundCorner also involves an additional component in roundScope. The roundScope tool provides for scale and complexity by incorporating a data warehouse (roundData) along with the segmentation engine.

“Cause and Cure” Organizations

Enhancements or integrations around peer-to-peer fundraising and advocacy increasingly meet the needs of many organizations.

Public Media

A number of public media outlets found a solution fit with roundCause as advanced segmentation around direct response efforts and related membership efforts are often a “must-have.”

Organizations currently using Raiser’s Edge seeking a more flexible or readily integrated solution may be particularly interested in roundCause. Similarly, organizations currently using DonorDirect or Team Approach may want to seriously consider this solution.

To talk to Heller Consulting about if roundCause is right for your nonprofit organization, visit us at

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