Report Now Available: Top Nonprofits’ Insights on CRM

It’s here – hot off the presses! We’ve released the findings of our recent study about how nonprofits are approaching Constituent Relationship Management (CRM).

Over the past several months, we interviewed executives from 30 nonprofit organizations to uncover their thoughts on their strategic, operational and technical goals, activities, and challenges within the context of CRM.  And now, we’re sharing our report of participants’ insights based on our discussions with them.

Here are just a few of our top findings:

  • Participants’ existing technology systems aren’t supporting their new strategies.  Nonprofits typically are pursuing some form of CRM due to dissatisfaction with their current systems as well as the desire to implement new strategies.
  • Disparate systems and scattered data are top challenges with large nonprofits.  Organizations are facing significant challenges with fragmented (versus consolidated) technology, information, processes and strategies.
  • Nonprofits believe CRM will allow analysis of, and support improvement in, strategic areas.  They expect CRM to help them improve their fundraising, deepen constituent engagement, and have greater ability to deliver their programs more broadly.
  • Almost all nonprofits point to changes in technology as enabling their organizations to move toward some form of CRM.  They agree that today’s technology offers better solutions, often at lower prices, than in the past. They most frequently mention integration, business intelligence tools, web-based point solutions, and the Cloud as part of this discussion.
  • Most participants are in some stage of planning for a CRM system.  About one-third of participants have moved forward with some aspect of CRM implementation.

The organizations we spoke with represent some of the larger nonprofits in North America — including American Heart Association, Environmental Defense Fund, Jewish National Fund, and Mothers Against Drunk Driving – yet many of the issues that we discussed apply to any nonprofit thinking about how to approach CRM to overcome challenges and meet their goals.

Download the full report, Insights into CRM for Nonprofits, now to see how your nonprofit compares with others and how nonprofits are approaching CRM to tackle challenges and reach their goals.



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