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#Bridge14 Social Media Statistics

Last week was the 9th Annual Bridge to Integrated Marketing & Fundraising Conference, also known as Bridge Conference, BridgeConf and #Bridge14 for short. Speakers included a wide array of people from organizations like Sierra Club, Humane Society International, American Institute of Architects Foundation, American Red Cross, National Wildlife Federation, Wounded Warrior Project and more. Sessions ranged from direct marketing to planned giving, data and analytics to lessons and case studies to digital, web, email, social and mobile marketing.

Since last year’s BridgeConf was the first conference where we used Radian6 to analyze the #AtTheBridge tweets from the event, we just had to do it again and compare the data!

There were over 3,000 tweets during #Bridge14, which is more than 1,000 more than there were last year when we measured #AtTheBridge (the official hashtag for the 8th Annual BridgeConf).

You can see that tweets peaked on the second day, Thursday July 10th with over 1,000 tweets and again on the last day, Friday, July 11th with just under 700 tweets.

#Bridge14 Timeline Tweets - Using Radian6

Diving deeper into the data for July 10th, here are the top 50 words mentioned during that peak:

#Bridge14 50 Most Popular Words - Using Radian6

I was curious why so many people mentioned ‘Steve’ in their tweets and quickly found out that Steve Nardizzi from Wounded Warrior Project was the keynote speaker and people were feverishly tweeting everything he was saying:

Out of the 3,275 tweets, the top 10 tweeters contributed 1,221 tweets! Top Tweeters at #Bridge14 - Using Radian6

Looking at the top sources for the #Bridge14 tweets, @Tycely tweeted 214 times! Rounding out the rest of the top 10 were:

Those 3,275 tweets over the course of #Bridge14 had a possible 5,152,680 impressions – that’s right, 5 million impressions! While there were many sessions about direct marketing, managing volunteers and boards, one of the most popular sessions was all about optimizing your site for mobile usage, using the hashtag #powermoves.

Those are some great stats from Geoff Handy of the Humane Society!

While Heller Consulting only sent one person to #Bridge14, Jenn Smith said there were plenty of amazing sessions!

Were you at #Bridge14? What did you learn? Who was your favorite? Any other stats you’d like to know about #Bridge14? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Cool that we can now find reasons for trends by drilling into the data. The new tools for tracking and analyzing social data are pretty dang powerful.

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