Quick Review of Nonprofit Applications for Salesforce: roundCause

Quick Review of Nonprofit Applications for Salesforce: roundCause

Salesforce has many applications to assist nonprofits with all aspects of fundraising. We’ve recently reviewed a few of the top donor apps like Causeview, Luminate CRM and Affinaquest. Rounding out our reviews of Salesforce donor applications is roundCause which is offered by roundCorner, a firm with deep experience working with Salesforce and a history in the financial services industry. This expertise translates into an application that addresses the financial complexities of fundraising without compromising the native strengths and innovations of Salesforce.com. roundCause is the only application in our review that offers native membership management, including tracking the membership lifecycle (new, renewed, lapsed) and membership benefits through inventory functionality.

This app has been developed to meet the needs of sophisticated fundraising teams but is still customizable enough to suit the needs of a variety of organizations.

After the original posting, roundCorner announced their partnership with Salesforce.com and the release of the renamed product NGO Connect. Find out more here.

roundCause requires each contact to be related to an account, however an interesting feature they offer is their “one-per” mailings which can be sent to a preferred contact per household or organization account. The sophisticated address, salutation and preference/interest information can also be stored on both the account and the contact fields giving your organization the ability to manage unique contacts.

Within a standard Salesforce campaign object that is used to track fundraising efforts, there is a custom object called Source Code which can be customized to each nonprofit organization and allows you to track the level of appeal corresponding to a direct mail segment.

roundCause also has functionality available to assist with major gifts, credit card processing from within the app, your nonprofit’s social media efforts, volunteer management, event management including tickets, meals, venues and more.

Some examples of nonprofits that may want to consider roundCause include:

  • Organizations with a significant focus on direct marketing
  • Membership-based organizations
  • Organizations comfortable with customization
  • Organizations with experienced in-house technical resources, especially if implementing roundData and roundScope

Recently, StayClassy announced a real time integration with roundCause which will combine online fundraising, community engagement and CRM into one solution. For more information on this integration, we invite you to attend a webinar on November 12th at 11:00 am PT with roundCorner, Keith Heller of Heller Consulting and StayClassy. Sign up now to reserve your space to learn more about this great collaboration.

For more information on Salesforce Applications for nonprofits, download Heller Consulting’s top 5 donor management apps report where you’ll discover what makes each app unique, things to consider before adopting each product and what types of organizations are the best fit for each app.

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  1. Susan Kenna Wright

    Ah, it has a new name now. NGO Connect. Great to see the investment in nonprofit technology.

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