Quick Review of Nonprofit Applications for Salesforce: Causeview

Review Nonprofit Salesforce Applications: Causeview

There are many Salesforce applications that have been built specifically for nonprofit organizations. Heller Consulting recently reviewed the top 5 donor management applications for Salesforce and released a report of their findings. One of those applications is Causeview, offered by Breakeven, which does a great job of streamlining everyday fundraising practices and bringing frequently-used data front and center for easy access and use by fundraisers. Causeview attempts to leverage as much native Salesforce.com platform functionality as possible, and is built on the Nonprofit Starter Pack. This shows in the data model and workflows to manage the prospect development process. One of the things we like best about causeview is how it integrates online donation processing into the application. the moves management and stewardship features are also innovative.

Causeview has thoughtfully anticipated some of the most challenging needs of nonprofits wishing to move their donor database to the Cloud, and done so in ways that leverage the Salesforce.com platform well. Integrated payment processing and moves management are particular strengths. One great example of how to use Causeview comes from Oxfam Canada. An issue Oxfam was struggling with was expiring credit cards on reoccurring gifts. When they added Causeview to their Salesforce they were able to identify which cards were going to be an issue and proactively reach out to those donors before the cards became an issue. Oxfam then saw an increase in their reoccurring donations and their donors credit cards are now up to date. Read more about how Oxfam Canada was able to do this with Causeview on Breakeven’s website.

Causeview is built on the foundation of the Nonprofit Starter Pack, which means that it will integrate well with other uses of Salesforce.com. The application offers customizability: Each nonprofit works with Breakeven to customize its donation forms, moves management/recognition processes, and possibly core records management.

If you are considering whether Causeview is right to add to your organization’s instance of Salesforce take a look at these additional characteristics:

  • Plan to expand Salesforce.com usage beyond fundraising
  • Minimal web skills on staff, yet want to run integrated campaigns or online event registration
  • Use recurring giving as an important strategy
  • Have recognition societies or donor levels to manage

Nonprofits today have an exciting new world of donor management applications to choose from — many of which are developed as Apps on the popular Salesforce.com platform. But with so many choices, how do you make the right decision for your organization?

Heller Consulting recently reviewed the top 5 donor management apps for nonprofits and released a report of their findings. In this report you’ll discover what makes each app unique, things to consider before adopting each product and what types of organizations are the best fit for each app.

Download the Donor Apps Report Now!

Download the report now to review these Salesforce Applications for nonprofits.


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    This application continues to be developed and I’m very impressed by the pace of the improvements.

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