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Selecting the right CMS solution for your nonprofit organization - PageBuilder

When considering a new content management system (CMS), most nonprofit organizations look to those that will also play nicely with their existing constituent relationship management (CRM) system. There are several popular, powerful applications on the market that combine CRM and CMS functionality into one integrated package. One such application is Blackbaud’s PageBuilder which easily connects to other Luminate Online tools.

Luminate Online Tools

The clear advantage to using the PageBuilder system is in its connection to the other Luminate Online tools and Constituent 360 database. Web pages are managed through a single log in and with a single administrative interface. The tool can be managed with a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get interface) as well as via HTML, CSS, jQuery and Javascript and all pages can be optimized for mobile viewing. Luminate Online PageBuilder is also packaged with a full suite of online tools, including email marketing and fundraising.

PageWrapper and Templates

The PageWrapper element contains HTML and CSS to control the overall style of the site. Header images, metatags, SEO keywords, logos, page footers and site navigation are primarily included in the PageWrapper. PageBuilder contains a variety of page layouts and templates that can be used as is or customized to fit your specific needs.

Third-Party Integrations

Web pages can easily display content from third-party sources and databases while Google Analytics and social sharing tools are also easily integrated into your site. PageBuilder has the ability to edit roles for each user for easy management of permissions and limiting who has access to read or edit.


With so many features available, PageBuilder might be a bit daunting for first time users, but luckily there are many places to turn to for help. User training is offered through a variety of channels – on demand video, in-tool help files, and a large amount of documentation are available to the new and experienced PageBuilder user.

Bottom Line

PageBuilder may be a good choice for a nonprofit who is using other Luminate Online tools. The single user interface, connection to the Constituent 360 database and feature set can be a good fit for an organization that needs a simple and supported way to manage their website.

For more information and additional features of the PageBuilder Content Management System for your nonprofit organization, please download our CMS Paper where we also reviewed Blackbaud’s Luminate CMS, Webpage Manager, Drupal, WordPress and

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  1. Convio/Blackbaud Customer

    As a longtime user of Pagebuilder, I can confidently say, DON’T DO IT. WordPress and other open source programs are vastly superior. And god help you when you try to move on or off the platform because the export/import tools are nonexistent. The SEO limitations alone should be reason enough not to touch this program. Oh, and all your links will break because it doesn’t support redirects from your old website links. Only use Pagebuilder if you absolutely have to. I hate it. My employees hate it. I’ve never met a single person who liked it.

    I know Blackbaud is the 800 lb gorilla in this field, which makes it even more important to call a spade a spade. Pagebuilder is not good software.

    Convio/Blackbaud sells it as the cheap website option with Luminate. Using it will cost you in the long run, though.

  2. Susan Kenna Wright

    WYSIWYG editors certainly make editing pages easier for novices.

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