3 Strategies to Engage with Donors After an Event

Engage with Donors After an Event

In our webinar with Stayclassy on activating unlikely fundraisers, we talked a lot about peer-to-peer events and engaging with new constituents. Immediately after a peer-to-peer event, the organization’s staff is exhausted! They’ve been working long hours, ensuring every detail is handled, helping volunteers and fundraisers and talking with new and old donors making sure they are taken care of during the event. But take a minute to think about your donors. After the event, they are amped! They just participated, donated or helped you raise money and they are at the height at their feeling about your organization.

Your organization needs to think about how you address this discrepancy before you get to the point after the event where you are tired and slumped over your laptop. Here are some strategies and tactics to help your nonprofit organization engage and activate new donors after your big fundraising event.

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We Go To Eleven: Dial In Those Google Analytics Settings

Dial In Those Google Analytics Settings

Google Analytics is one of the most powerful tools a nonprofit (or anyone) can use for tracking and monitoring digital analytics and online marketing efforts, and even better… it’s free!

At Firefly, when we work with clients on website redesign projects we hear some common frustrations and struggles with using Google Analytics. It’s all too common to set up your account, generate the tracking code and slap it into the backend of your website. Sound familiar? Just a few more steps will provide you the data you really need to provide an accurate picture of your organization’s digital analytics.

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Drupal Content Management System Review

Selecting the right CMS solution for your nonprofit organization - Drupal

Drupal is one of the most comprehensive open source Content Management Systems (CMS) available today. Drupal was developed and is still maintained collaboratively by members of the global Drupal community. Free to install and use, Drupal provides the framework to create, update, and organize very complex website content and functionality. For nonprofits that need a powerful system to integrate with complex online ecosystem, Drupal offers clear advantages.

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Building Donor Profiles: An Adventure in Data Enhancement

Building Donor Profiles

So you’ve been told all about how your database is going to revolutionize your fundraising and overall organizational effectiveness. You’ve been tracking your donor activity and it’s a great place to look for contact information, but how exactly is it helping you grow your fundraising? You’ve heard the old phrase: garbage in, garbage out, but what about diamonds in, diamonds out? If you’re using your database effectively, then you have plenty of historical data on all of your contacts and know who your best donors are. But you can go one step further by adding new dimensions to your dataset such as personal wealth information, giving propensity, current address information, and other indicators you can use to help refine your fundraising.

There is a host of information available about most of us as a by-product of our increasingly digital lives. Several companies in the big data marketplace are clearinghouses for this aggregated information and can use full names, address, email, phone, and other key pieces of your constituents’ information to match to datasets from government agencies, credit unions, and so on to provide some insights into your existing and potential donors. You can use this information to guide your fundraising and help you concentrate efforts on those most likely to give and on those who might be able to give the most.

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Things to Consider to Turn New Donors into Lifelong Evangelists

Turn New Donors into Lifelong Evangelists

When new donors give to your organization, you receive a bit of information about donors that tell you a little bit about themselves. Generally you know the following information: name, sex, address, campaign, program, and maybe some behavioral tracking from your website (if you’re using systems like Hubspot or ExactTarget). This isn’t very much to go off of, but it gives you a great starting point to build relationships and turn these first time donors into lifelong evangelists.

One pretty important thing to be aware of, is that 90% of new donors give to an organization for emotional reasons. Tweet: This could be because of a picture you posted online, a video they saw, a story they read or because a friend has asked them to donate. Approximately 70% of those new donors do not donate again the next year. Tweet: That’s a pretty significant drop off that is very preventable. A majority of the drop off (about 53%) is due to a lack of communication, a credit card expiration date, didn’t know what your organization did with the money or they didn’t receive a thank you note.

So what do you do to increase communication and therefore increase the lifetime of these donors? These are ways Stayclassy presented during their webinar with Heller Consulting on this very topic.

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Update: Quick Review of Luminate CRM

Review Nonprofit Salesforce Applications: Luminate CRM

Heller Consulting recently updated their report on the top 5 donor management applications for Salesforce with updates focusing on Blackbaud’s Luminate CRM.

Luminate CRM was spun off in 2010-2011 as a separate product and descendant of the original Common Ground product offered by Convio, which was acquired by Blackbaud in mid-2012. Blackbaud has focused its Luminate CRM development efforts on strengthening the integration with Luminate Online while has also designing Luminate Analytics to be a powerful segmentation and reporting tool for the Luminate suite. This is a large App that interacts heavily with many Salesforce.com standard objects, meaning that Luminate CRM customers, and all Salesforce customers in general, should carefully design and test additional non-fundraising uses of Salesforce.com.

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