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Selecting the right CMS solution for your nonprofit organization - WordPress

When considering content management systems, a player you may want to consider is an open source content management system (CMS). Open source distributions are a hybrid between buying a proprietary CMS and using a full-on open source product that needs to be configured from the ground up.

Installations take an open source system (like Drupal) and pre-configure it to include basic features and functionality. These basic features include, but aren’t limited to slideshows, press releases, event calendars and other common content requirements. One major advantage to using these pre-configured installations is that you can quickly launch a site. One major trade-off is that you may have less control in how the site is set up. If you need unique features, such as an event calendar, that are not part of the pre-configured installation, you may be looking at a longer development time and additional costs.

These installations are often purchased from a development service partner, so they are proprietary in nature, despite using an open source CMS as the core system. Typically these installations also include some amount of design, development and training services required to get a new website up and running.

Some installations are available at no cost, and currently there are over 300 different free distributions available to download from It should be noted that the free versions will require web development skills required to build and maintain a website.

This is a great solution for nonprofits who want to use an open source CMS and aren’t looking for a site to be completely custom built.

For more information on open source platforms like WordPress, see our CMS paper that includes information on Drupal, Blackbaud’s NetCommunity, PageBuilder, Blackbaud’s Luminate Online CMS (LO CMS) and

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