Nonprofit Starter Pack Feature: Financials

Nonprofit Starter Pack Feature: Demographics

The Nonprofit Starter Pack (NPSP) 3.0 is an App that configures Salesforce for lightweight demographic, relationship management, donation management and volunteer management needs of nonprofits. The NPSP is offered free of charge by the Salesforce Foundation. The Salesforce Foundation makes it easy to get NPSP 3 whether you are new to Salesforce or upgrading from an earlier version. Heller Consulting released a white paper describing the basic features of the NPSP. So far we have covered Data Model and Functionality and Demographics. Today we will cover Financials.

The NPSP uses the native Opportunity Object as well as an object called Payments, which is designed to separate revenue from cash received. If a nonprofit wishes to track a proposal, it would create an Opportunity record, and if the proposal is successful, the cash would be added to the Opportunity as associated Payments. Payments are also helpful because they allow an organization to track payments against pledges, and they support the ability to write off rescinded payments and generate reminders for payments due. The NPSP has also included Payment roll-up fields to show the number of payments per Opportunity as well as the remaining balance.

Another area worth consideration is Recurring Donations. This functionality is primarily used to track open-ended commitments, although there is also a way to track pledges. There are some subtleties in learning how to enter them correctly, but this can be addressed in training. The functionality is fairly strong, particularly with the inclusion of the Payments object.

NPSP 3 includes new Allocation functionality, which allows entry of transactions that are split by designation. Prior to NPSP 3, organizations had to install a separate app in order to process split transactions.

One strength of the Nonprofit Starter Pack is how well it handles multiple currencies. Nonprofits who operate internationally should keep this in mind when reviewing Apps.

Find out more about the features and benefits of NPSP’s newest capabilities by downloading this free resource now.

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