Nonprofit Starter Pack Feature: Demographics

Nonprofit Starter Pack Feature: Demographics

The Nonprofit Starter Pack (NPSP) 3.0 is an App that configures Salesforce for lightweight demographic, relationship management, donation management and volunteer management needs of nonprofits. The NPSP is offered free of charge by the Salesforce Foundation. The Salesforce Foundation makes it easy to get NPSP 3 whether you are new to Salesforce or upgrading from an earlier version. Heller Consulting released a white paper describing the basic features of the NPSP. Last month we covered Data Model and Functionality, today we will go over Demographics.

With the Household Account Model, which is becoming the standard configuration for the Nonprofit Starter Pack, Primary Household contacts can be identified. Also, Household Naming can be customized which makes assigning addressees and salutations easier as well as clearly visualizing key Contacts in a multi-person household.

The NPSP includes some useful fields for capturing demographic data and for viewing giving summaries. The giving summaries are customizable by date and by the criteria that are used, and are quite comprehensive, including many totals that nonprofits need to use on a daily basis. One particularly nice feature of Household roll-ups is the ability to customize which gift types are included or excluded (such as purchases, event tickets, or memberships). A couple of new roll-up fields have been added in the Household Account Model in NPSP 3.

On the demographic side, an effective implementation will require a good amount of thought and configuration to be fully usable, particularly for mid-size or larger nonprofits that may track a greater level of detail than the packagesupports out of the box. Also, for better and worse, it is very easy to change an address for all members of a Household at once. NPSP 3 has several improvements to address processing, such as the ability to track multiple addresses, seasonal addresses and three options for built-in address verification.

Managing connections between Contacts and Accounts is addressed in the NPSP, though it is a bit fractured and the terminology takes some getting used to. The Relationships object gives the ability to track relationships between Contacts, and the Affiliations Object adds the ability to track relationships between Contacts and Organizations (including ability to track a Primary Affiliation such as an employer). The Relationship Viewer makes it easier than before to quickly get a sense of all of a constituent’s relationships.

NPSP 3 offers some basic membership functionality that is suitable for simple membership programs. Organizations with complex membership requirements, or for whom membership is a key strategy, will likely need to customize the application for their purposes.

Find out more about the features and benefits of NPSP’s newest capabilities by downloading this free resource now.

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