Nonprofit Leverages for More Accurate, Efficient Grant Management

Nonprofit Leverages for More Efficient Grant Management

Your nonprofit may have data and processes from one program running smoothly, while another program just isn’t as efficient. This isn’t unusual. And, it makes sense: It’s nearly impossible for nonprofits to tackle consolidating data and streamlining processes across the entire organization, all at once.

But, with a CRM system like in place, nonprofits have a single platform for managing all of their data and processes, and can add to it as needed.

Here’s an example: Heller Consulting helped Alliance for Climate Education (ACE) move their grant management data and processes from inefficient spreadsheets and email into their existing system.

Following are just some of the results:

  • Improved processes — Development staff members now have streamlined processes in a single system for more efficiently updating and managing grant-related data.
  • Better reporting — ACE now has accurate, detailed reports in place to help their development team and executive director track both specific grants and the overall grant pipeline to inform strategic cultivation decisions and grow their grant income portfolio.
  • A system for the future — ACE was able to leverage their existing platform for a grant management solution that will grow as their grant income grows.

Find out more: Download the Alliance for Climate Education case study here:


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