Nonprofit Increases Fundraising Activity by 40%


Moving your data to a new Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) system is never an easy thing to do, especially while still maintaining your existing fundraising efforts. When a national cancer organization came to Heller, they had specific changes in mind. They were frustrated with their slow system that did not integrate with their other systems. This disconnect forced them to manually update all systems to ensure data was up to date. They also wanted to keep participants informed of their fundraising goals during before, during and after walks. In a nutshell, they wanted to streamline their processes, integrate their systems, keep their participants up to date, and speed up their system, all within 6 months.

As a part of the full overhaul, Heller Consulting helped them move from their legacy system to a new CRM using the Salesforce platform. They also integrated the organization’s existing Content Management System (CMS) into Salesforce to allow coordinated communications between the staff, volunteers and outside vendors. Next, Heller assisted with the creation of dashboards and workflows that allowed management to gain detailed insight into their walk activity.

Communication and training were key to this complex project, and all the hard work paid off. With the coordinated streamlining, system upgrades, and staff training, the organization was able to focus on more strategic fundraising efforts which led to a 40% increase in fundraising activity.

Read more about the changes and results of their efforts in this case study about the project. Download the case study here.


Monika McMahon

About Monika McMahon

Monika joined Heller Consulting after spending 8 years in the Boulder technology startup scene. She is an expert in Social and Digital marketing, adopting and implementing new (and old) platforms for organizations ranging from ecommerce, SaaS, and nonprofits. Monika not only understands how these platforms work but how to use them to meet business objectives. When she is not educating and sharing her online talents, she can be found enjoying the music scene in Denver.

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