Is Your Nonprofit CRMready?

Is Your Nonprofit CRMready?

Last year we put on a successful webinar series designed to help you determine if your nonprofit was ready to consider switching from your legacy system to a constituent relationship management (CRM) system. The webinars were split into 3 main sections: what is CRM, planning for your CRM project and how to make your CRM initiative a success.

To follow along the CRMready theme, we published a series of blog posts to help you start thinking about CRM, get your board on board, as well as some tips and tricks to ensure your implementation goes off without a hitch. Below are all the individual blog posts so you can start the new year off with a refresh of what CRM is or learn more about what roles should be involved with your upcoming CRM initiative.

The Basics of CRM Initiatives:

What Types of Information Go Into Your CRM System
Activating Stakeholders for your CRM Initiative

Planning for your CRM Initiative:

Taking Stock of Your Software Systems and Processes
The Importance of the Discovery Phase in Your CRM Planning
Planning for a Phased CRM Implementation
Taking Stock of your CRM Goals and Objectives
The Importance of Communication During your CRM Implementation

Making your CRM Implementation a Success Each Step of the Way:

Overview of Discovery for a CRM Implementation
Overview of the Core Business Processes for a CRM Implementation
Overview of the Testing Phase of a CRM Implementation
Overview of Data Conversion Phase of a CRM Implementation
Overview of the Go-Live Phase of a CRM Implementation
Importance of Project Management in your CRM Initiative
Which Roles Should be Involved in your CRM Initiative?

What other topics of a CRM initiative would you like to see us cover in 2014? Let us know in the comments below!

Monika McMahon

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Monika joined Heller Consulting after spending 8 years in the Boulder technology startup scene. She is an expert in Social and Digital marketing, adopting and implementing new (and old) platforms for organizations ranging from ecommerce, SaaS, and nonprofits. Monika not only understands how these platforms work but how to use them to meet business objectives. When she is not educating and sharing her online talents, she can be found enjoying the music scene in Denver.

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