Nonprofit CRM + Social Media: A Match Made in Heaven (or at Least the Cloud)

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Does knowing what your supporters are saying about your organization, and knowing when to communicate with your supporter community, seem like a daunting task — a confusing web of choices, sites and strategies?  Well, it’s clear that Cloud-based CRM systems will soon make this vital part of your marketing strategy a whole lot easier. As technology and the way we communicate evolve, CRM systems and social media are quickly converging. And, Cloud-based software options for CRM and social media are now allowing nonprofits to manage constituent communications more efficiently than ever.

So what’s so great about Cloud CRM and social media?  Cloud-based CRM allows organizations to manage a huge amount of information about their constituents without having to maintain the database itself. This also gives nonprofits the power to manage social media data more efficiently.  It’s a match made in heaven, really.

If at this point you’re scratching your head wondering how CRM and social media could possibly work together to help you reach your constituents more effectively, then consider this example:

Imagine a software system that monitors social media engagement on  Twitter or Facebook and finds a positive comment about your mission. What if this software could then cross-reference that commenter’s giving history in your CRM system? That alone is pretty valuable information. But now, visualize your marketing staff receiving a CRM-generated notification (pushed through the Cloud) that lets them know that the comment was made by someone on your major gifts list. Wow! Just think of what you could do with this information! For starters, you could thank them for the comment. But, more to the point , that insight is just the beginning of knowing what your broader community of supporters is saying about your organization each and every day.

Without some of the latest technologies available to use and monitor social media channels, how else would you know this information? And, without the convergence of social media and CRM, how would you be able to quickly and efficiently use this information to more effectively communicate with your supporters?

These new Cloud-based systems and integration points are here, now, in technologies such as  Common GroundRadian 6, Small Act’s Thrive and Profile Builder and many others, and they will  allow you to build the types of workflows that will help you engage with and respond to your online community.

Stay tuned to The Connected Cause as we talk more in coming months about these new technologies and how they can work together to help you connect with your supporters in ways you never thought possible.

About Jay Jones

Jay Jones is a new media marketing strategist and Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Heller Consulting. Jay cofounded The Following Factory (, a social media service of Heller Consulting that helps nonprofits build and activate supporter communities through social media and online marketing strategies.

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