New White Paper: Making Your CRM Aspiration a Reality


Heller Consulting has just released a new white paper entitled Making Your CRM Aspiration a Reality available for free download on This paper is a follow up to their popular Insights into CRM for Nonprofits from 2012. For this paper, the authors built on the knowledge and concepts from the original, and include more details about the steps necessary to bring CRM into an organization successfully.

Through years of work with nonprofits, Heller has long recognized the advantages of an effective CRM system, and has been striving to provide resources to help nonprofit organizations understand how CRM tools can benefit their fundraising, communications, and mission management. In 2013 they created the CRMready video series designed to explain the concept of CRM, how to plan for it, and how to lay the groundwork for a successful implementation.

Based on popularity, both the original paper and video series have proven to provide much-needed resources for clearly explaining the benefits of nonprofit CRM. As more organizations understood the message and worked with Heller to adopt CRM systems, Keith Heller realized “the real challenges to implementing CRM are defining your overall strategy and managing the organizational change necessary to make it happen.”

To help organizations take the next step, Heller created a new white paper Making Your CRM Aspiration a Reality. In it, Heller shares a practical framework for bringing together people, technology, service and strategy and managing the change it takes to bring CRM aspirations to fruition. They break an organization’s CRM journey down into three specific stages starting with a CRM vision, progressing through creating an organization-wide CRM strategy, and finally building an effective CRM roadmap to follow. Heller goes on to explain that while not always an easy or quick process, they have found enormous benefits:

  • Measurable outcomes
  • Greater commitment from all levels of the organization
  • Confidence derived from sound planning
  • Increased likelihood of success in implementation

Find out more about CRM and download this newest resource in the CRM series from Heller Consulting directly from


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