Luminate Online Content Management System (LO CMS) Review

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Finding a content management system (CMS) that works with your existing tools and constituent relationship management (CRM) solution might not always be easy. If your nonprofit is looking to upgrade, change or start using a CMS and you’re already using Blackbaud’s Luminate Online Tools, you may want to consider using Luminate Online CMS (LO CMS). This Blackbaud solution is perfect for nonprofits who are looking to manage their websites easily from one system and is also capable of integration with Luminate Online which provides a “logged in” user experience for members of their Constituent360 database.

Display Templates

Creating new pages within your site can sometimes be daunting and require a lot of coding. Luminate Online CMS makes it easy with the use of their Display Templates which creates pages and layouts using specific pieces of content like page title, description, author, date and more in any number of different ways. These Display Templates control how the pieces of content are laid out on a page and quickly provide consistency among all of your pages on the website.

Related Content

A great way to keep constituents on your site and engaged is to guide them to related content that they might be interested in reading. This is another feature that Luminate Online CMS does well as it groups together blog posts, press releases and more so your viewers can easily keep reading your content. As new content is created, it can automatically push out to the appropriate spot on the website.

Mobile Friendly

Are you seeing more and more traffic coming to your website from tablets, phones and phablets? There are several options within LO CMS for creating responsive content for all of these different devices and screen sizes. PageWrappers and templates can be coded and built using responsive design coding so the layout of the page automatically expands/contracts depending on the screen size. You may also define one specific “mobile friendly” PageWrapper and Display Template/Content Type pairing to manage the appropriate site presentation.

Hosting and Training

Not a techie? No problem. Luminate Online CMS does not require any technical skill to update the software or server – this is something that is entirely managed by Blackbaud and is included in the prices of the tools. Learning more about how to use LO CMS is offered through a wide variety of channels including on demand video, in-tool help files and documentation that is available to both new and experienced users.

Bottom Line

Luminate Online CMS is a solid content management system and nonprofits who are already using Luminate Online tools and need an interconnected CMS should consider it when evaluating their future website needs.

For more information and additional features of the Luminate Online Content Management System for your nonprofit organization, please download our CMS Paper where we also reviewed Blackbaud’s PageBuilder, Webpage Manager, Drupal, WordPress and

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  1. Susan Kenna Wright

    The connection to LCRM is great for Luminate customers.

  2. Luminate CMS has a lot of great features surrounding it’s tight integration with the rest of the Luminate Online suite of fundraising tools.

  3. A huge benefit of LO CMS in not needing a full technical staff to manage it – Orgs with less access to resources will be able to capitalize and stay in step with the bigger trends!

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