How To Involve Everyone in Change Management

Involve everyone in Change Management
We’re covering the most important part of Change Management today: the people. Make sure you involve everyone, and involved them early when taking on a project like a Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) implementation. In order to do this you need identify a few key people to help be your cheerleaders throughout the implementation.

Core Leadership Team

Identify your core leadership team and cheerleaders who will spearhead the effort. CRM project leaders are the ambassadors of change. These leaders must be ready for the sustained effort of bringing the entire team along through the process.

Subject Matter Experts

In establishing your core team, it is important to think outside the box of a hierarchal structure. In addition to executive sponsors (discussed below), you will want to gather your subject matter experts (SMEs) who are impacted by the change. You’ll want to factor in each SME’s sphere of influence and how their participation might support this particular change. Sometimes it’s wise to engage potential nay-sayers early. It’s also important that leaders of respective departments play a role in encouraging and supporting their teams.

Every single individual should understand their role and have a way to participate. People want to understand that this is not just a change that is happening to them, but they have some influence as well. In order to do that, you want to provide ways to get feedback, input and involvement from your larger team. Start by identifying every stakeholder that will be impacted by this change. From that, depending on the level of impact, you can determine their appropriate level of involvement.

Executive Sponsors

Executive sponsors are particularly crucial to successful change management.
They represent the top tier of project leadership and need to be involved in the right capacity. Their visible support and engagement – throughout the whole project – sets the direction and tone of the entire undertaking. These sponsors help hold everyone true to the overall strategic vision and broader objectives of the project, and approve resource requests. It’s important to provide your executive sponsors with a very clear definition of their role(s) on the project, what their responsibilities are, and a clear outline of when, where and how you’ll need them involved. Ideally, you’ll provide some coaching to executive sponsors when you need them to exercise their influence to move something forward.

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