Introduction to Change Management

Introduction to Change Management
In Heller Consulting’s 18 years of helping nonprofits with their software needs, we’ve learned that change is the most difficult aspect of most projects. As we’ve pioneered broader Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) adoption at organizations – spanning multiple departments and constituencies – this is perhaps even more true. A familiar anecdote in the technology industry is that 70% of projects fail, with user adoption and acceptance being one of the main reasons. Click to Tweet

So what can you do? Once your organization accomplishes the hard work to develop your CRM vision, strategy, and roadmap, successfully managing the change that comes with executing on your strategy is critically important.

Areas of Change

CRM initiatives can spark significant change in multiple areas, including:

  • Organizational strategies, such as fundraising, communications, and program
  • Constituent engagement – approaches, channels and content
  • New technology and re-alignment of existing technology
  • Business processes and workflows
  • Engagement with internal team members and stakeholders
  • Staff configuration, roles and responsibilities

Change Management

With this knowledge, you’ll want to employ methods to proactively understand and manage the “people side” of CRM initiatives. Change management is generally defined as the approach that is taken to support individuals through the changes that will alter the way they perform their day-to-day functions. It’s a key means to address the internal adoption of engagement and technology projects that are at the core of building effective CRM for your organization.

Change Management Plan

On tactic that is useful is to employ a Change Management Plan. It enables transition from a current state to a desired future state and uses a structured approach of proactive communication and tasks to enable individuals, teams and stakeholders to adopt and participate in change.

A strong change management plan is critical to maximizing adoption and maintaining momentum over a long-term series of projects such as CRM initiatives.

For more information on change management including best practices and how to involve your team, download our paper on CRM and Change Management now:

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For more information on how to create a CRM roadmap to go along with your CRM vision, download the paper, Making Your CRM Aspiration a Reality now!

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