Interview with Causeview: Understanding Your Nonprofit’s Event

Understanding Your Nonprofit’s Event

Many of the nonprofits we work with have some type of event that they have to manage. Whether the event happens annually, once a month or multiple times a month in cities across the US, the process and many of the questions the nonprofits have to ask themselves are the same.

We sat down with Ian Hayes, the President & CEO of the Salesforce app Causeview, to get his insight and answers to your event management questions. Ian has a passion for simplifying technology to help organizations operate more efficiently and he started Breakeven for the nonprofit sector after learning about the generous donations that Salesforce makes to organizations.

In this three part series we will be taking a look at the questions your nonprofit should be asking in order to understand your event, which tools are available to help you manage and run your event and finally how to determine the return of investment (ROI) of your event.

Understanding Your Event

The Connected Cause: By design, events are supposed to be memorable. How do you make sure an event supports a full campaign strategy, and isn’t just a standalone experience?

Ian Hayes: Creating memorable event experiences begins right from the registration process and continues with the impressions your guests leave with.

TCC: We agree. You want to wow your attendees from start to finish and everywhere in between.
What variables should every organization consider when they first start planning an event?

IH: With every event, there needs to be clear revenue and engagement strategies that align with campaign goals. It is equally important to manage all event touch points according to your budget so that nothing gets in the way of delivery come event day.

TCC: That is very true. No one likes those kinds of surprises. Speaking of, what do organizers often forget to plan for?

IH: The variables that organizers underestimate are those that change during the event. These can include changing seating, dietary restrictions and many more.

TCC: Again, great points! People plan every detail and anticipate the event to go off without a hitch, but in reality there is still a lot of work left to do.
Our next interview with Ian will focus on which event tools you need and should be looking for to help your nonprofits next event go off without a hitch.

For Ian Hayes’ full responses plus more questions about event management, head on over to to read the entire interview and to find out more about how they can help you manage your next nonprofit event.

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