#GivingTuesday 2013 Social Statistics – 338% Increase Over 2012

Hard to believe that #GivingTuesday just had their second annual event this year. Philanthropy.com is reporting that there were over 10,000 nonprofits who participated this year, while 2012 saw only 2,500 participating organizations. There were so many tweets on Tuesday, you’d have thought this has been going on for years! I was curious to see how much they grew through their social efforts from 2012 to 2013, and using Topsy.com I was able to find out.

#GivingTuesday Stats from 2012

Last year #GivingTuesday took place on November 27th, 2012. Leading up to this event, there were 42,892 tweets in November. On the actual day itself there were 86,713 tweets with top 2 coming from Shakira and Bill Gates:

Total exposure for 45,108 unique tweets on #GivingTuesday was 351,170,356, but when you include Retweets and replies, that number jumps to 526,034,027. Not bad for one day!

#GivingTuesday Stats from 2013

So, how did 2013’s December 3rd #GivingTuesday compare to 2012? It blew it out of the water! In the month leading up to the December 3rd #GivingTuesday, there were 200,634 tweets! Having trouble with that math? That is a 468% increase in the number of pre-event tweets!

On December 3rd, there were 293,770 total #GivingTuesday tweets with the top three tweets going to popstars Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato & Joe Jonas.

There were 145,128 unique tweets in 2013 that garnered 1,186,833,843 impressions – yes, that is billions of impressions. When you look at retweets and replied you are looking at 2,067,036,889 impressions!

Do all of these impressions and tweets correlate into donations? According to the UN Foundation, 2012 saw a 53% increase in donations on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving. In 2013, Blackbaud is reporting a 90% increase over donations from the first #GivingTuesday. While that isn’t quite the 338% increase that we saw for tweets, I’d say that is a pretty incredible increase in donations.

Did you participate in #GivingTuesday? Maybe you were one of the 17,000 #unselfie tweets that were posted on December 3rd. Tell us in the comments below how you participated this year (or last)!

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