Geopointe – Data Gets A ‘Geo’ Makeover

With mobile technology being a prominent focus on the platform and two mapping programs on the most popular apps list for 2013, it’s easy to see why an application like Geopointe would be at the forefront of this mobile revolution. Since 2010, Arrowpointe has been provisioning powerful geo data on the platform, and Geopointe essentially takes data and helps users render and analyze its geographical context. Integration with the platform along with Google maps, Mapquest and other leading geo-technologies make this app a powerful example of the robust nature of mash-ups and integrations.

Salesforce's geopointe searchsalesforce's geopointe map

I installed this app for a client whose CEO traveled a lot and liked to know who was in his neck of the woods that day. He would eventually utilize Geopointe on the Salesforce1 app to make the most of his membership and sponsorship lists. Key constituents were his focal points and he was able to call a few days ahead to let people know he would soon be nearby, a feat that was cumbersome and nearly impossible without Geopointe.

Now that I’ve installed, configured and tested the app, the value quickly became apparent considering all the possible use cases:

    • Salespeople planning their day with driving routes
    • Marketing teams creating location-specification campaigns
    • Caseworkers who need to pinpoint areas where referrals and social services are needed most

Data can be organized, layered and analyzed for questions like: Where are most of our customers for the XYZ widget? Where do most of our insurance claims originate? The possibilities really are endless.

There are some great features worth pointing that makes
this neat app a worthwhile investment:

      • Installation is easy and requires very little customization. I was up in running in about 20 minutes post installation. Out of the box integration works with Accounts, Contacts and Opportunities objects. Using custom objects? No problem, a few extra steps and you will be able to also leverage data in your custom objects.
      • integration. Geopointe has made it extremely easy for users to add data sets to a campaign and even execute custom actions. These actions can be deployed to all users enabling neat things like Google News feeds on a data point’s info bubble, logging a call or even checking out the Google Maps street of a particular address.
      • Plotting data sets. This is the core functionality of Geopointe. As long as you have address information, you can plop it into map form for a richer analysis that takes the nuances of location into consideration. This technology used to only be available to large companies with cadres of developers, but reasonable pricing gets you access to geo data with a few clicks.
      • Graphical data display. Geopointe also allows the addition of charts to help further analyze data. With support for pie, bar and column charts, visualizing geodata in sub-grouped or stacked graphical formats is possible.
      • External data layers. Have other data that needs to be plotted? You can pull in data points from KML, KMZ and GeoRSS files.
      • Salesforce1. Most of your customizations carry over with little to no modification onto the mobile platform. Having map data on-the-go makes it easy for field workers to plan their day based on accurate location information.

After testing a few similar apps, I can say that Geopointe comes out on top. As a result, we can see that many companies have already taken advantage of Geopointe because of the intuitive user interface for both desktop and mobile access, reasonable pricing and feature-rich offerings. The support team is great and the free trial is a good way to give Geopointe a test drive. Even if you are not immediately in the market for an application like this one, I would suggest testing it out anyway, because it may alert you to possibilities and needs you weren’t aware of before. You could just stumble upon a whole new way to use your organization’s data even better!

Aja "A.J." McClanahan

About Aja "A.J." McClanahan

Aja "A.J." McClanahan is a CRM and database administrator for Idealist Consulting. Her clients include mainly small businesses and non profit organizations. Her specialties are technology & sales consulting, CRM deployment,, content management, brand development, general sales & marketing, social media and interactive marketing. Aja is based in Chicago.


  1. We have used Geopointe for many of our customers over the years. We were one of the first partners to implement and can attest to the impact that is made when client, prospected or other data is mapped and displayed visually.

    The possibilities are endless as to the use of the tool, just like many of the other things that makes SFDC great!

  2. Susan Kenna Wright

    Great app. I could imagine many traveling fundraisers using this.

  3. Mary Pustejovsky

    Great post! I’ve found once people start using Geopointe they start thinking of even more use cases, and they can’t live without it.

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