What Does the Future Hold for CMS

The Future of CMS for Nonprofit Organizations

Increasingly, successful nonprofit organizations will need to provide individually relevant content and a personal experience to develop better relationships with donors and to drive better fundraising results. Having a Content Management System (CMS) will help guide your nonprofit to creating a better experience for your constituents.

That being said, your website doesn’t have to be everything to everybody. Having a website that meets your organizational and strategic goals is certainly a must, but the role and function of a website is changing. Donors and constituents may be just as likely to visit your organization’s social media sites like your Facebook page as they are your website.

Your constituents have more resources to turn to when it comes to learning about your organization. They are interacting and engaging with each other on more and more channels and most importantly they are looking for engaging, relevant and gripping content from the organizations that they love. Determining where this content best lives is now a decision riddled with options rather than a simple, singular answer.

The heavy load of explaining your mission, asking people to donate, highlighting your programs and sharing your story will no longer fall exclusively on your website. Those tasks are now supported by multiple channels, with your website being just one piece of your overall marketing/ communications/fundraising strategy.

Being “mobile” cannot be an afterthought.

With recent studies suggesting that 63% of mobile users access websites through their mobile device vs. a laptop or desktop computer, you can’t afford to treat a mobile site as an afterthought.
We’ve all known this was coming, but mobile is in fact here – and organizations will risk losing the interest, donations and engagement of supporters if they do not invest in the technology and design to support a mobile site.

It’s all about them. No really, it’s All. About. Them.

For years, nonprofit organizations have been working on delivering more personalized content to their constituents and donors. Signed an action alert on saving pandas? Great! Your newsletter will feature a picture of a panda. Often this kind of personalization was solved through segmentation – and really just cobbling together a strategy that offered the best conditional content possible.

But what will be expected of our technology and our strategy will be the delivery of individually relevant content. Enterprise businesses are already there and leveraging this content to sell, sell, sell. Ever wonder how after you look at that picture of a raincoat on Amazon – is shows up everywhere else online you seem to browse? Companies invest in big data that ties directly into CMS and web experience management tools that in fact create relevant content right down to an individual’s tastes and preferences.

Increasingly, nonprofit organizations will need to provide that same personal experience to develop better relationships with donors and to drive better fundraising results.

For more details on the future of CMS solutions and information on CMS platforms see our CMS paper that includes information on WordPress, Drupal, Blackbaud’s NetCommunity, PageBuilder, Blackbaud’s Luminate Online CMS (LO CMS) and Site.com.

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