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Email Marketing Automation can have a huge impact on your organization. It allows you to better target your audiences to get the best possible engagement. You probably already know that you could use it, but making a decision on which option is best for you can be challenging. In a webinar with Predictive Response and Idealist Consulting, they discuss how to make email marketing automation work for your organization and go into detail on three types of automation campaigns.

Drip Campaigns

By definition, a drip campaign sends prewritten messages to a selected group over a specific amount of time. Your organization can set the tone of the emails and choose how frequently they will be sent out to your subscribers.

Adaptive emails

These adjust to a subscriber’s behavior so you can optimize emails for the individual experience. You will know who is opening which emails and what actions they take afterward. This provides great data for you to use when responding to subscribers based on their individual behavior and actions.

Scheduled News and Announcements

Have important news or announcements coming up? Save time by scheduling emails to coordinate with your specific release date and time.

Check out the full webinar from Predictive Response and Idealist Consulting here. To learn more about Marketing Automation, download a new white paper from Heller Consulting, Marketing Automation for Nonprofits: Starting Off Right.

Marketing Automation for Nonprofits: Starting Off Right
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