Dreamforce #DF14 Day 4 Social Recap

Dreamforce Day 4 #DF14

Who is ready for a long weekend of sleep? We are, but now that Dreamforce #DF14 is over, we already miss it. So much has happened over the past week:

  • Salesforce introduced Cloud Analytics – powered by Wave
  • will.i.am announced his Puls voice-controlled cuff
  • Marketing Cloud’s Journey Builder for Apps

And SO much more!

Dreamforce Day 1 was all about Tony Robbins keynote, Day 2 we saw Bruno Mars and Cake, Day 3 was all about Salesforce Wave and for Day 4 read more below!

It’s no wonder that Neil Young and Pono was trending within the #DF14 hashtag all day, he spoke twice! First in the keynote in the morning, and the second time at the marketing hub in the afternoon. To find out more about Pono, read the Salesforce blog.

You can see the #DF14 tweet trends on Thursday here, and it the peaks definitely happen during the keynote sessions:

Dreamforce Day 4 #DF14 Graph of Tweets

SO who were the most mentioned people on Twitter during Day 4 of Dreamforce? Well, @dreamforce, @Salesforce, @algore, @Benioff and @ariannahuff are the top 5, just to name a few. Here’s the rest:
Dreamforce Day 4 #DF14 Mentioned Usernames

What was so exciting on day 4 of #DF14? These are the top mentioned hashtags for Dreamforce on Thursday:
Dreamforce Day 4 #DF14 Top 50 Hashtags

Everyone was excited to learn and couldn’t stop tweeting about #pono AND what will happen during #DF15 next year!!

Dreamforce Stats for 4 Day Conference

I’m sure you’re all great at math, but I figured I’d recap all 4 days of Dreamforce for you so you don’t have to go back through all of my other blog posts and add up all of the tweets and stats.

There were 111,916 #DF14 tweets from 10/13 through 10/16 from 25,316 unique sources. You can see the peaks mainly correspond with the keynote sessions (I say mainly because I know during Tony Robbins’ session, no one was tweeting – they were too engaged!). Here’s two graphs comparing tweets per hour for the last 4 days:

#DF14 Oct 13-15 Dreamforce Tweets

#DF14 Oct 15-17 Dreamforce Tweets

Here’s the last 4 days combined into one graph:

#DF14 Oct 13-17 Dreamforce Tweets

So what were people excited about during Dreamforce #DF14? Well,these are the most popular people of Dreamforce #DF14 based on the top 50 usernames mentioned over the past 4 days:

Dreamforce #DF14 top usernames mentioned

Following along with my obsession of pic.twitter.com vs Instagram, the results are in! Over the past 4 days there were 46,197 pictures shared via Twitter and 2,483 Instagram photos out of 111,916 #DF14 tweets. That’s 41% of images shared on Twitter vs 2.2% shared on Instagram.

Dreamforce #DF14 Pictures on Twitter or Instagram

Are there any stats you think I missed? What were the most interesting social stats from our recap? What was your favorite Dreamforce announcement? What are you most looking forward to implementing at your nonprofit? Let us know in the comments!

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