Dreamforce #DF14 Day 3 Social Recap

Dreamforce #DF14 Day 3 Social Recap

Am I the only one thinking this week is flying by? Day 1 had 27,894 tweets, Day 2 had 37,553 tweets and today we saw 30,310 tweets.

That’s 95,757 #DF14 tweets over 3 days for those of you keeping track at home!!

Tweets per Hour

From 8 AM to 9 PM PT, there were over 1,500 #DF14 tweets per hour! You can see there was a slight dip around dinner, but tweets have continued all day!

#DF14 tweets per hour on Dreamforce Day 3

will.i.am’s New Puls Cuff

Looking at the top 50 words within those tweets, you can tell that everyone was very excited about the will.i.am wearables announcement about Puls, which is a cuff, not a watch, despite the number of people who tweeted about watches.

Dreamforce #DF14 day 3 tweets in a word cloud

Here’s a great view of the new cuffs from will.i.am showing off some of the features of Puls from an interview he did in April:

Top Tweeters for #DF14 Day 3

We know what people were tweeting about on day 3, but who were the top contributors to the #DF14 hashtag?

Coming in with over 270 was Keerthi912, who beat out the number one tweeter from day 1, @blisslogixit who tweeted 219 times, followed by @OhMyJet with 210 #DF14 tweets. All of the top tweeters here:

Top #DF14 Dreamforce Tweets on Day 3

Pic.Twitter.com vs Instagram

Just because I am so interested in how trends change year over year, day over day, I’m looking at how many people share images via Twitter or Instagram on day 3:
Dreamforce #DF14 pictures on Twitter vs Instagram

There were 13,579 tweets with images shared directly on Twitter.com, which is 45% of all tweets, that’s over the 40% we saw yesterday. Sharing images on Twitter is definitely a growing trend!

There were only 550 #DF14 Instagram images shared on Twitter which were only 1.8% on Day 3. That’s below the 2% from #DF14 day 2.

We can’t wait to see what will happen on Day 4 of #DF14. One more day – we can do this! What stats should I look into for tomorrow? Tweet at me and let me know!

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