Dreamforce #DF14 Day 2 Social Recap

Dreamforce Day 2 #DF14 Social Recap

Kicking off Day 2, Marc Benioff took the stage in the morning to talk about how through Dreamforce, he raised 9 million dollars for the UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital in San Francisco through the Cake and Bruno Mars concert that took place on Tuesday, October 16. That’s amazing!

So great that on top of the million (or three million) meals, they are also donating to the children’s hospital!

That happened within the first few hours of #DF14, the rest of the day was just as exciting and interesting!

Tweets by Hour

While yesterday was impressive with over 27,000 tweets, on Day 2 of Dreamforce there were 10,000 more #DF14 tweets! On Tuesday there were 37,553 tweets from 11,625 unique sources.

Dreamforce Day 2 #DF14 Tweet graph

You can see that the peaks correlate with the keynote sessions in the morning and afternoon. In the afternoon, people were SO EXCITED about the announcement and release of Project Wave aka the Salesforce Analytics platform, there were over 5,000 tweets in the hour of the keynote. We can’t get enough of analytics, and it shows in this word cloud of the top 50 tweets:

Dreamforce Day 2 Word Cloud Afternoon #DF14

Speaking of the new Wave Analytics, did you know that you can demo this feature using the data they used in their demo today?

Pictures Shared on Twitter

Last year I was curious how people were sharing images at Dreamforce #DF13 and I compared images shared on Twitter vs Instagram, which were 28% and 3.2% respectively.

This year images shared on Twitter were 40% of #DF14 tweets sent! Almost HALF (or 14,746 to be exact) of the #DF14 tweets contain images! Instagram currently accounts for about 2% of the tweets. While a decline from 3.2% to 2% doesn’t seem like much, the increase from 28% to 40% is VERY telling!

#DF14 Photos shared on Twitter for Dreamforce Day 2

Top Retweeted Users

These users were ones that people consistently retweeted throughout the day, meaning they were sharing great content from #DF14! It’s no surprise that @Salesforce is at the top of the list with 1,202 retweets, but not far behind is @Valaafshar, the CMO of Huffington Post with 944 retweets, followed by @Dreamforce with 531 #DF14 retweets.

Dreamforce #DF14 people who are retweeted the most

Twitter Handles vs Names

Watching tweets, I noticed many users not tagging people like Marc Benioff by his handle, so I thought I’d take a look at the names vs Twitter handles of Marc, Hillary Clinton, Will.I.Am, Bruno Mars and Cake. I was pleasantly surprised! With the exception of Cake, every one of those people’s Twitter handles trended higher than their names in a search:

Dreamforce twitter handles vs names

I love that graph because it means this group is definitely social media savvy and tags the appropriate people! Well that’s Day 2 of Dreamforce #DF14. What stats should I look into for tomorrow? Tweet at me and let me know!

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