Dreamforce #DF14 Day 1 Social Recap

#DF14 Day 1 Social Recap


I mean, are there other words for the Dreamforce #DF14 day 1? I’m sure there are, but they would read: Amazing, Incredible, Inspiring, Educational, Thought Provoking, Exhausting and many more.

We’ve been tracking everything you’ve said about #DF14, and can you believe there have been 27,894 tweets on Monday, October 13th alone? I guess we shouldn’t be too surprised given there are 140,000 registered attendees, but still, the tweets were pouring in all day! To help us analyze the 27,000 #DF14 tweets, we’re using Radian6 to give you the all of the details throughout the week including top hashtags, top tweeters, most mentioned and more.

#Dreamforce #DF14 Tweets Per Hour

Here’s a look at the number of #DF14 tweets per hour today, with the first peak starting at 11 am PT and continuing pretty steadily throughout the day:
Dreamforce Day 1 #DF14 Social Graph

Top 50 Words

What were people talking about? Here are the top 50 words mentioned throughout the 11 am hour in 2,905 tweets:
Dreamforce #DF14 Word Cloud Day 1 for 11 am PT

You can see that people were excited about Dreamforce as they tweeted their love for Salesforce and were ready to learn more about #Wave and check out the booths at Moscone.

The final peak at 4 pm PT took place during the start of Tony Robbins’ keynote. While the tweets look like they tapered off through his session, it is only because he was so engaging and kept the audience on their feet. Literally! He had them up and jumping around, releasing tensions while introducing themselves to others in the room. It was very inspirational and over 50,000 people tuned in to the live feed on Salesforce.com/Live to join in on the energy that is Tony Robbins.

Top #DF14 Tweeters

So, who contributed to these 27,000 tweets? Here’s a look at the top tweeters using the #DF14 hashtag on Day 1 of Dreamforce:
Top Tweeters on Day 1 of Dreamforce #DF14

Can you believe that @blisslogixit tweeted 224 times? That’s 9.33 times per hour! In a close second was Salesforce MVP @rakeshistom who tweeted 151 times using the #DF14 hashtag. Following him was @bt_social with 141 tweets, @ohmyjet with 132 tweets and @mattsoleyn with 121 tweets.

Domains Mentioned

What were in these 27,000 tweets? Looking at the domains mentioned there were 63% of the tweets with URLs (a total of 10,728 tweets) were photos upload directly to Twitter (using the pic.twitter.com domain), compared to 698 Instagram photos. Here’s the rest of the top domains mentioned: Top Domains Mentioned on Day 1 of #DF14

Whew! That’s only a piece of the data in Radian6 from Dreamforce #DF14 Day 1. I can’t wait to see what will be tweeted on Day 2 of #DF14! What stats should I look into for tomorrow? Tweet at me and let me know!

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