Does Your Nonprofit’s Data Decide What You Should Do?

Does your data decide what to do? Update your database and processes and get in control.

Data. We keep it, store it, and long to take a deep dive into it. But when we leap into the deep end of our data pool, we often find ourselves struggling to even tread water.

After over 35 years, USENIX had an ocean of membership data. They had customized their database to fill their needs over time, but it could no longer stretch to meet their contemporary needs. It was becoming a challenge to answer questions such as “How many attendees from our last conference are also USENIX members and live in this ZIP code?”.

To get back into top shape, USENIX worked with Heller Consulting to move their data and processes onto the CRM platform, developing practices and reports that support the way the organization works today.

Following are some of the results:

  • Greater visibility — Staff members can easily create and run summary and detailed reports to access and track membership information.
  • Improved efficiency — All staff members use a single system to manage membership and other data, without having to rely on a few staff members.
  • A system for the future — With their data now in the platform, USENIX staff members can modify processes and integrate new technologies as the organization evolves.

Find out more: read the USENIX case study here:


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  1. I’ve worked with USENIX and one of the coolest results of this change is that the staff are increasingly empowered to ask questions, get data from the system, and make decisions. The new system has opened the possibilities of what data can be extracted. Even when the system isn’t currently designed to provide the data, the team further customizes it to meet their needs. The system will continue to evolve over time to be more and more helpful to USENIX and that is fantastic.

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