#DF13 Social Recap of Day 3 at Dreamforce

Dreamforce is slowly coming to an end, and what an amazing three days it has been! Wednesday brought us 29,193 #DF13 tweets which is slightly lower than the 41,000 tweets from Tuesday, but still higher than the 24,000 tweets we analyzed on Monday.

The tweets streamed through evenly all day long as attendees were active during all of the keynote presentations with brands like Stanley Black & Decker showing off how they are creating connected power tools and using Salesforce1 to augment the user experience on mobile and get the customer faster assistance. Honeywell was another manufacturer showing off their new connected thermostat that could be controlled via an app on their iPhone. Here’s the tweets by hour from Wednesday:

#DF13 Tweets by Hour for Wednesday

You can see that Sheryl Sandberg’s fireside chat turned out to provide many tweetable gems from her book Lean In at 5 pm PT. In fact, the hashtag #LeanIn was tweeted 473 times from the hour she spent on stage with Marc Benioff and she was in the top three usernames mentioned on Twitter with 1,593 #DF13 tweets on Wednesday. This was the most popular quote of her chat:

And these were the most mentioned words from when Sheryl was on stage: #df13 Most Mentioned Words from 5 pm After watching the Twitter stream for the last few days, I noticed that there seemed to be a ton of companies from the expo hall tweeting what their booth had for giveaways and giving other reasons for attendees to come and visit them. One such reason was a Bono lookalike, who seemed to be fooling many people in the expo hall – they thought it was really the U2 star! Many pictures like this occurred throughout the day with Bono being mentioned 180 times:


While Tuesday produced the most #DF13 tweets, Monday proved to produce the most ‘Visit our booth’ tweets as booth was mentioned 1,950 times by 87 different accounts. On Tuesday 1,577 tweets happened and yesterday there were only 1,422 tweets of companies showing off their booth swag. All days showed more booth tweets early in the morning, which must mean it worked and you all swamped their booths in the afternoon keeping them busy and not tweeting:

Number of #df13 'booth' tweets

So, do you think with the addition of 45,000 attendees this year that the number of #DF13 tweets will top #DF12 tweets?

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  1. Susan Kenna Wright

    I love the after lunch dip in tweets. I think we all needed sugar and caffeine around 2:30pm each day! The coffee lines sure were long around that time!

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